Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Angelina, baby collector..ha ha ha

I like Angelina Jolie's look....I am a fan of the nuder-than-nude I love her look....I can't even find the perfect nude lipliner that isn't orangey....MAC made a great one, then they discontinued it...darn it! my ideal combo....lipliner in BUERRE from MAC, then I go over it with an almost white-ish, baby pink lipliner from Sephora....then swipe on MYTH lipstick from MAC..and voila...nudey-nude-nude mouth.....

VOTE in the comments below for the next video:

1. What you need in your basic Make-Up kit

2. Request for my skin care routine and products I use to have nice skin

3. Chit chat answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions I get

and then I'll do some more make-up looks...but my week is a lil' crazy with shoots!!!
smiles to every one of you!!!!! kandee


Anonymous said...

VanillaLaced again from YT.
Thank you for the Angelina:)
You are soo good woman!

I cant decide over number 2 or 3!
I want them all :P

But I guess Ill take nr 3! so you can get a little from everything maybe :)

As you know im makeupartist too, thinking about starting to work at a makeover-studio with photoshoots.
And im wondering if you have some good tips for makeupartists that works in that kind of business- when you need to be affective,quick and deliver a good result on the model for a photoshoot in like 15 to 20 minutes.
If you have some tips in how you preper your tools, or the most important products/makeup you need to apply if you dont have time to do it all so detailed.
Anything! :)
How do you do when you do makeup for a photoshoot?

Have good one!
Hugs, Emma

Anonymous said...

I think the basic make up kit would be a great one.
love and cookies

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a skincare routine video, your skin always looks so flawless. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee,

Your videos are so informative - and obviously your talent shows because I've noticed that the makeup you do actually does transform your face to look similar to looks you select! I've watched a lot makeup videos and I can say (and I'm not trying to be mean) but no matter how many looks some Channels do - they still look the same - if that makes any sense?

I don't have a request for a particualr look, but can you suggest cheaper alternatives to MAC/Bobbi Brown etc. and maybe explain quality difference etc.

Also - hehe one last question. I use Smashbox Brow Tech - it's okay, but do you have any suggestions on alternatives. I have stubborn eyebrow hairs that no matter how much wax I use will not stay put? (I do trim & pluck.)

Hehe, hope I didn't hog too much comment space!

Have an awesome day!

Ms. Sather said...

Hi Kandee....I would like to see either make-up kit or chit chat :)

Anonymous said...

Basic make up kit please!!!

Cornelsen said...

Thank you again! All of this is making me feel so great. Learning about make-up is makuing me really happy and god knows, there hasn't been a lot of happy in my life lately. My fiancée is really happy to see me smile again!

I'd really love to hear what one should have in the basic make-up kit. If not now, sooner or later, because I bought my first brushes today! A real pro set, actually. Real hair, no soft! and I even splurged a little and bought a little bag to keep them in. Looks like brushes are going to be my collection obession soon.

Anyway, thank you Kandee, and sorry that it got so long!

Anonymous said...

I love all your tutorials. I am working on trying to get the makeup down. Seems like I can get one eye done and then the other one doesnt to look quite the same. LOL

I want to say all of them, but eventually I am hoping you hit all subjects.

So I would choose #3. Hopefully if you could get around to this questions. How do you get rid of the tired eyes look?

Keep up the great work!!

Jamie said...

Hi Kandee!
I would love to get more info on the basic makeup kit and also the skin care products you use.
Have a great day!
~ Jamie

Anonymous said...

i wold love to see a tut on your skincare!

Anonymous said...

I would really love to hear about your skincare routine. You talk quite a bit about Laura Mercier products and i would have to agree with you! I use to work for Laura Mercier at Nordstrom about a year ago and absolutly loved it! :)
your amazing at what you create by the way... I love watching your videos!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say #1 or #2. I have similar coloring and I love learning about the products you use and the videos are so helpful!

MLB said...

You are so good to us. This one is tough for me so I will give you my vote in order of preferance! :-)
2makeup kit
3chit chat
although truly any of the three are FAB!
Can't wait!!

Jennifer Coomer said...

Hey Kandee,

I was wondering which brush you used to apply the grey shadow from the Body Shop (about 1.30 minutes in)?


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