Saturday, February 21, 2009


i am typing this from the office/spare room/storage room/......of my sister's house...I was going to upload last night, but after I drove all day long...I again...fell asleep as I am doing most recently with all the lights on..and my comuter screen glowing at me!!

and's some lightin' time to do hair-hair!!!

Stuff you'll need:
bobby pins
round boar bristle brush (for supreme teasing)
80's banana hair clip (i got mine at Claire's or any hair/beauty supply)
hair spray (i used Paul Mitchell Working Spray)
Molding/Shaping creme (I used HeadGames Reworkable Creme)

I'm gonna post some pictures from my trip....and maybe get my sister to let me do her make-up...even though she's puffy and pregnant!ha ha ha


Aberdeen said...

Yay! I can't wait to seeeee. Awesome tutorial, and I'm excited for your contest!

Could you do a tutorial on how to go from day makeup to night makeup really fast if you were working late and had to go to an event/date/etc.?

Thanks mama!

Anonymous said...

Can you do a tutorial on making those cool shirts you get? You haircut is so cool, I had long hair like that too and got so sick of it so now I wear it pretty short, is there any way you can do short hair styles? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

is there any way you can show us how to cut bettie bangs.maybe on a practice head..I've done mine several times..but they never come out right

Anonymous said...

I love all the funky hairstyles you do, they look great!
Hopefully your sister lets you do her makeup so we can all meet her :)! x

Anonymous said...

Okay so i would really like if you could do something for teens.

like a demi lovato look
or a young britney spears

im 15 and its hard for me to pull off some of the looks you do.

Anonymous said...

i'd love to see make-up-tutorials again!

skylababee said...

Hey Kandee!
I think you are absolutely amaizing, and awesome. The more videos I watch of you the more happier I am. :]Because, I watch you so much, I feel like my future might be changing. Because I soo want to be a make-up artist like you!
Could you please make a dance routine, to a song you really like and then maybe you could teach us!? And then we could all be dancing like you? Hehe x
All my love x
Skyla x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Can you show me how to do hairstyles with short hair because its hard with my hair because it puffy and wavy and really thick i straghten my hair everyday to shcool. I just want to look cute for my senior year so please help me :)

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