Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Pin-Up Series - Sophia Loren

how classic and beautiful is Sophia Loren in this picture!?!

I'm just gonna attempt to recreate some of the glamour that she exuded! wow!

what you'll need:



gel liner (Bobbi Brown or Stila Smudgepots in black) or Liquid liner in Boot Black from MAC

Lipliner in Cork or Stone from MAC and lipstick in TANTONE (MAC) gloss in Berry Splash from Covergirl

Love this hot look...so sizzle up February with some Sophia!!!


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MLB said...

Kandee!! You are the BEST!!! Great Great Great tips!! I find something that I absolutely have to have everytime I watch your vids!! I would love to see some hair tutorials too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your the best makeupartist blog ever! :)
Could you maybe do a videoblog on mineralmakeup?
Or more of the products you have or show more teqniques you use?
Every time I watch a video of yours I get inspired and do a list of all the makeup and makeuptools i want to buy! :D
Or a sunkissed/beach look?
Or a really natural looking face that looks fresh and rejuvenated, with not too much on- but still so you dont look tiered..
Haha just some suggestions:)
And must ask you which concealer you think is the best one for dark undereyecircles?..that have a blueish/purple colour.
Or is it the Laura Mercier one with two colours?

Anyways, I really enjoy your posts, I check everyday if there is a new one! :D
Take care of yourself,hugs,Emma

Meena said...

I love this pinup series! I dont know if pin up will work on me because i am east indian but you have inspired me to try!!! You are now part of my daily routine :) have a good one!

adrian_inlove said...

Kandee! You are the most beautiful woman on this planet. Adrian

shazzam said...

WOW, you are amazing! You completely nailed the look and broke it down for someone like me that only knows enough about makeup to look presentable. It's so easy to watch one of your videos (even for 10 minutes!), because they're full of good info, clear, and you're so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Kandee,you're the best!!!You're my favorite make-up artist!:) I'm watching your videos for a while,and you always fascinate me.I love the way you always doing this,gladly,with so much kindness,passion,that you're so interested in what we think,say,and ask for from you.I wanna to thank you for this Pin-Up series,'cause I fell in love with the 50's 60's style.Now I'm really interested in Christina Aguilera's look,please help me in that!:)(just a suggestion for the Pin-Up series.)
Please go on making the Pin-Up series,and all of your videos:)
Thanks for reading,and I wish you the best: Sophie

Emma Joy said...

Hey Kandee!

Can you maybe make a video for teenagers? Or something along the lines of that?

It would be awesome of you!

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