Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eyeliner Tattoo Trend

 Hold onto your eyelids because things are about to get a little awesome on an eye near you!
This are not your "wild grandma's eyeliner tattoos" that turn purple 10 years later!
Please look at the UNION JACK eyeliner tattoo on my eyelid below:
 Not only will I show you HOW TO put these (more temporary) EYELINER TATTOOS on, but you will see me putting them on for the first time, (*be warned, I get very excited!ha ha) in the VIDEO BELOW.

Check out these other styles and colors from (click here to order em) VIOLENT EYES (makers of the VIOLENT LIPS):

You get 2 sheets of 4 eyeliner style in each pack:
You can cut and trim the eyeliner tattoos into any shape and size. They last up to 16 hours. And to take them off, I just peeled one corner and they came right off! IT was actually really fun to take them off!

SIT BACK and come have some fun with your homegirl, KANDEE, and watch some "eye tattooing" and enjoy my horrible british accent that the Union Jack Eye Tattoo made me do (ha ha ha):

and  if you have never seen my "LIP TATTOO" video, you have to see these:

my 4th of July America Flag Lips in a video:

How much do you love these?!? Which pair would you dare to wear?!?

I'm off like lipgloss on your lips, after you drink from a glass, your friend named KANDEE JOHNSON

PS. If you want to peek into my KANDEELAND CLICK HERE.

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