Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Because you can't go out in public naked:

even if you could go out in public naked, I would not ever do that.... 
I don't even like wearing a bathing suit in public..ha ha ha ha

But this is my traveling-outfit-of-the-day:
(and yes, that is my laundry in the background)
white men's hanes tank top under a big black hangy shirt I think I got at some cheapy store on Melrose
Grey stretchy-jeans (the only way to stretch) that again I got at a cheapo store on Melrose 
Miz Mooz - they are old, I've had them a couple years, but they are more comfy than a slipper
BELT or BLET as I first typed it:
I don't know but I got it on clearance from Urban Outfitters like 2 years ago too.
it's a grey and olive-gold star pattern scarf from Target
It's a Capello men's hat, that I've had for years. I've smashes it in travelling and it just pops right back, plus it covers ANY bad hair day!

And this is a pretty cotton candy cloud view out my window....
 to see the pics inside the plane and of my "lap cozy"...CLICK THIS.

I've had so many computer-troubles....but MY NEW VIDEO WILL BE UP SOMETIME TODAY OR TONIGHT! ha ha ha CLICK THIS TO CHECK

ANDDDDDDDD THE BRUSH TREE WINNER IS: CHELSEA WAMBOLD (if this is you Chelsea, I will be sending you a message on fb soon, or message me on fb so I can get your address and if you want me to sign the brush tree, leave it plain, and all that! yay! hugs!)

All other winners:
MAC BRUSH SET: Tracey Shines
And to everyone....get ready my new video has a chance to WIN something AWESOME for Christmas!

 Hugs and get ready for my new CHRISTMAS BEAUTY WISHLIST MUST HAVE VIDEO! You're gonna love it!

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