Friday, December 14, 2012

The BEST RED LIP color ever (and meet me tomorrow?!?)

This might possibly be the most AMAZING RED LIP COMBO, and it doesn't involve one lipstcick!
#1. Cherry Lip Liner from MAC put all over the lips- line then fill it in.

#2. Apply GASH lipliner from Urban Decay (it's a combo that one of my favs, Gwen Stefani uses) the outer edges and corners to create a beautiful red velvety depth!

And I had to show off because I love turquoise and red together, my nails- Orly Gumdrop.

And I am going to vlog on my VLOG CHANNEL (CLICK HERE TO SEE) about my day yesterday because it was pretty awesome! I got to meet some really awesome youtube "gurus" (I can't stand that word "guru" for some reason, it grosses me out)

BUT, and a BIG BUT like Sir Mix-a-lot style.....
You have to see the video I posted's in my "candyland of trees" and it got all the must have's to add to your BEAUTY WISH LIST....and lots of things are already selling out, so hurry:

And I'm trying to set up a MEET & GREET tomorrow (saturday) in LA,at the Beverly Center, on level 7, near Sephora from 1-2pm! Can't wait to hug you!

until then, computer hugs, your favorite girl (i hope), named kandee

PS. You have to see, I made it in a SHAYTARDS vlog....I'm so excited. CLICK HERE TO SEE!!!!!!

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