Monday, December 24, 2012

My Candyland Holiday House Tour & Video (yay!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!! 
As a special Christmas treat, I thought I'd finally post my HOLIDAY HOUSE                    TOUR!mmmmmmm   
Fill up a mug of hot chocolate and come "inside":        
Little glitter reindeer striking a pose.

 White wreath with lollipops from Target. I love this "candyland-ish wreath".

And here is my lollipop and cupcake tree!
Gumdrop tree topper, foam lollipops, and glitter ribbon from Michael's.
Glitter candy canes and lollipops from Target.
Cupcakes were all given to as presents through all the years.
 Glitter tree skirt from Target.
And this is how she (meaning my tree) looks in her evening wear:
 And here's cotton candy pink tree (my mom got it at Walmart years ago)...
 I also put tulle into glass candy jars to make it look more candyland like. And put my cakestands out with candy canes on them.

 Dining room decoration.....peppermint pinwheels and gingerbread mugs.
(Giant candies and gingerbread man mugs from Michael's Craft. Little snowman from World Market)
 Here's  our "miniature tree in the dining room" the hello kitties!?
Even the mirror got all dolled up:
old garland from target with a bow and snowflake from Michael's.
 And my "more manly" tree! Ha ha ha ha...
This is my clearance tree special, that I didn't really like, but Jordan said is was the more "masculine" I put it up, with out old garlands and giant candies from Michael's (I love that place!).
 We even have the Gingerbread man, room scented things from Bath & Body Works!
what my box of lollipops and candies looked like before we started decorating:
Refill your mug of hot chocolate, or grab a candy cane and come on inside to see my house tour, hurry it might be cold out here in internet world, come cozy up:

huge hugs, love from my heart to yours....
this may not be the perfect Christmas, your heart may be sad for any reason, but please know, my heart is a little heavy this year too, this Christmas doesn't feel so great...but we can look for the small joys, the beauty in the twinkly lights, and the love we can share with anyone around us, or if we are alone, I pray that you'll feel the love from my heart to yours...and I pray blessings of love from heaven will fill your heart with new joy....I love you, your friend kandee

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee, I was just wondering if you would ever considering to sell your Christmas decorations in the future. Only reason I am asking is that I am from Guam and we don't have store's like you do to go and get those deco's like the one's you have. Did I mention have BEAUTUIFUL YOUR HOME IS, I LOVE IT. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. YOU COULD EMAIL ME @ Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your family. God Bless!!

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