Monday, December 3, 2012

Paper clothing, getting naked, making videos, and skin cancer:

 On the left is what I did last week in the morning, very early in the morning...
I went to the dermatologist and on the right I'll explain in a minute.

#1. I hadn't been to the skin doc in a while. Skin cancer runs in my family, so I like to get that stuff checked-the-check out! I go with no traces of make-up at all, so my face and all it's freckles can get way-too-closely-looked at.

#2. This is what the girl said to put on! That is a piece of paper...ha ha ha ha But I stripped down to my undies and put my paper "robe gown" on. Mmmmm nice and not-soft and crinkly.
 #3. I read this while I waited, always, what seems like a half an hour til' the doctors finally come into your lil' "holding room":
 It was a poster about whiteheads and blackheads. If you didn't know, whiteheads are when when the skin is covering the lil' ugly-thang, and a blackhead is when the skin is open and you can see it stretching the poor, lil' pore out with it's grossness! Yuck!

#4. Then I read the entire "Understanding Skin Cancer" poster...and sort of started to freak myself out!
#5. Then the doc came in....and I am still old school, I get super embarrassed and tried to pretend I wasn't as I got a thorough "skin examination"...of my WHOLE body, by the doc and the nurse....I was like, "just hurry so I can wrap myseld back up in this giant piece of paper you gave me to wear!"

AND HOORAYYYYY....the my worry over the "suspicisious spots" are just benign tumors (AKA non-cancerous).

#6. He was like, "WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOO?!?" when he saw my curling iron burns, which are like brand new scars! ha ha ha He confirmed that the one on my neck might get darker- "oh cool, now it will really look like a hickey on my neck".

#7. Then I was excited to leave there and called everyone that was worried to say, "hooray, we were all worried for nothing!" I went to Target to go look around, to celebrate!

#8. Then I came home, and made a tutorial putting some make-up on! ha ha ha ha (see picture at top..hee hee)

If you did not yet, see the tutorial I made, post-doc visit, here it is:


and FYI: this is perhaps the best hot chocolate drink I've ever had, we ordered both flavors- gingerbread hot chocolate and caramel hot chocolate:
If you ever see an International House of need to pull over and get a big ol' bowl, mub of these!!!

And I'm off to edit my December favorites video for you guys!

Mugs and hugs, your kandee kande (that is my new Chirstmas name...bwaa ha ha ha ha)

Wanna see how we "lit up" our weekend...CLICK THIS TO SEE HOW WE ROLLED!

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