Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sometimes I dress to impress no one, but me:

 I am part tomboy at heart.
I was the little girl that loved pretending I was working on my bike in the garage while my dad worked on a car or something.
I collected baseball cards (that my dad got me) and Matchbox cars, my dad had also got me a bmx bike for my first bike.

And I used to wear baggy jeans, old vintage men's pants I'd get at the thrift store, and doc martens or vans, or airwalks in high school.
And some days when I get dressed to "impress" anyone, other than me, I DO NOT like what I'm wearing.
 Denim Shirt: FOREVER 21
Camo Pants (that I cut into a "cropped pants look"): VINTAGE/THRIFT STORE 
Boots: DOC MARTEN Triumph 1914
Grey and Gold Star Scarf: TARGET
 A SHOE-DOWN: Me and Ellie and her little shoes (Leopard Print Vans)
Dress to feel confident. Dress in your own style. Dress in what makes you happy. Dress in something that will set you and your style apart. Don't be afraid to be different. There is no individual-style in everyone just wearing all the same trends at the same time.

These pants I've had for years. These shoes I got a couple years ago. Everything doesn't need to be new.

I may not be fashion blogger that wears all the latest "trends", I may not wear all the same popular fancy designer purses they wear, I may not own a single pair of Louboutins, but I promise you, I will always have something different to show you, and hopefully to inspire you to shine that inner style you have inside you that is waiting to come out!

Somedays, I like what I'm wearing and I really don't care if anyone else does....and that's when you know you are "owning your style"!

I love you and tell me something you've always wanted to wear but have been afraid to....because I say: you wear it and I'll be so proud of you!

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