Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who, What, Wear....Christmas:

 Who: me and Ellie in the background
What: my Christmas outfit of the day
Wear: I'm wearing a plaid sweater from Forever21, Men's Hanes White Tank Top, Boyfriend style jeans ( I can't remember where they're from), old pair of grey booties from Forever21 (from back when Forever 21 shoes were a wee bit more comfy and wearable...ha ha ha) and black (faux leather studded collar from Foreva21), black belt I which is my favorite belt I've had for years, that I got a Ross
 You can even see a Forever21 bag hiding out like Where's Waldo in the picture.
 And my yellow bow ring, which was a present, so I have no clue where it came from! ha ha ha
As I came home from Christmas dinner at my Aunt's house, I pondered if I should either a) take down my Christmas decorations or b) write my blogs.
a. taking down my decorations made me feel kinda' I am typing this blog post....hee hee hee

I already wrote it on my kandeeland blog, so forgive me if you already read this but, as you guys probably know, this was the first Christmas that my dad is in heaven....which I didn't know how it would go...would I cry all day, would I just try to cry in the shower so no one would know...
BUT....I have to say, that I believe that my dad asked God to send me a "heavenly present" of extra love and joy for our day...there's no other way I can explain it, but I could feel extra love and joy in my heart, and joy of how much I love my dad and how much he loves just felt like sparkles in my heart.

We had the best dinner at my Aunt's house, and had such a great time with all my cousins, we had yummy food, a chocolate torte that I ate 2 pieces of, I really could've eaten the whole torte! ha ha ha
And we laughed, and had the best time....and I could just feel all the love for my family, how much I loved laughing with them, talking with them, and hugging them all.....
I'm so thankful for every moment of this Christmas day...because it was filled with beauty and love.
Presents, schmesents....that's not what Christmas is about for me...

And I could feel my dad...his love, and all the love I have for him...and all the love from my family, it just felt magnified and I felt more thankful for every moment...

And as I turned off all the lights on my Christmas trees tonight...(you see I'm writing this at 12:48am)...I was glad I didn't shut down and say, "I don't care about Christmas this year"...but that I wanted to keep making everything fun and memorable just like my dad did with everything...

Please feel all the sparkles of love I'm sending to twinkle in your heart, your friend Kandee (and yes, I stopped putting the "kane" after my name...ha ha ha ha)

To see all my "cotton candy" Christmas Tree decorations and my whole house tour, if you missed it (I uploaded it Christmas Eve as a fun surprise) you can watch it here: (CLICK THE YOUTUBE LOGO ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER TO WATCH IT BIGGER):

If you want to see more of how our day was...CLICK HERE

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