Sunday, December 30, 2012

When you can't or don't want to KEEP UP....

Here's a little Sunday-inspiration (I haven't written these ina while and I miss them!)
Some days I think I don't fit in.
Some day I feel that I don't belong.
Some days I feel like I can't, or don't want to keep up with the Jones' or Kardashians or anyone else! ha ha ha

If you watch tv, look at a magazine, or even read some blogs, it leaves you feeling like you're not rich enough, skinny enough, you don't have fancy enough hair or even nails. You see people on tv, even on instagram or their blogs, just showing off their fancy shoes, expensive handbags,  or pricey jewelry covered in a fancy, designer logos.
That is not what inspires me. That is not what I what to "keep up with"!

*I want to see someone who has a huge heart, not a huge shoe collection.
*I want to see someone that doesn't care if they have a bag or jewelry covered in a logo, but that has their own style, and they can make  something without one "designer name" look more stylish than a room full of designer bags.
*I want to keep up with someone that shows more love and kindness to people around them.
*I want to follow someone that doesn't judge others and just cares and has understanding.
*I want to see people that know that people's hearts matter more than any accessory, car, shoe, or attitude of "self importance".
* I like to see people who are humble, yet do incredible things.

I want everyone who feels like they aren't cool enough, wealthy enough, thin enough, pretty enough, or you nose is not small enough, your boobs aren't big enough, your skin isn't perfect know, that my heart does NOT care about any of those things.  Those are not what you need to ever feel like you need to "keep up with" or try to be like.

A beautiful heart will touch more lives and always be more attractive than someone who just cares about themselves, what they have, and how they look...

TODAY YOUR MISSION (if you want to):
*Smile at one person that you normally wouldn't- you don't know the hurt they might have hiding in their heart.
*Remind yourself, that you are amazing without anything extra you could buy.
*And if you stripped away all the money, fancy things and clothes from all the people that showcase their fancy-ness.....what would they be without all that?

Your heart should be the the thing that we show off to others the showing love and kindess everywhere we go....
I feel bad for the people that only have designer things to show off, and that makes them "who they are"....that is a sad legacy to leave behind.

Love, kindess, inner-beauty, patience, grace and understanding are the most beautiful accessories you'll ever "show off" or put on anyway!

arms full of hugs, your kandee


Anonymous said...

Kandee YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!!!! Thank god young girls read this BS!! That is all you do is "Promote" Endless amounts of "Designer" Make-up!!! You prey on the dumb and people with no friends or life.. Its quite sick!!! You are a WALKING contradiction!!! You are NOT fooling anyone! Thank god you know how to do make-up, Because you would be a LOST cause!

Anonymous said...

The money you make off this BS and lies you spew to buy what.. A pink couch and feed a million kids..? All to mis-lead people, Make them send you money, Exploit your child from baby daddy #4,Seriously..Do u think ANY ADULT WITH A BRAIN buys this shit.. Why the hell if only for money would you care about giving people "Hugs" then turn around and promote something else.. Its hysterical.. U are a disgrace to honest blogger's who use blogs to hone their craft and teach others.. Your a fake loser with four kids and no education, Hawking make-up reviews for dollars and having young innocent girls who believe you, send you money for your ghetto charges.. U are what us educated adults like to call a bonafied Con-artist!! Spend those 11yr old dollars and get yourself another hideous "Barbie" Painting at 3o smthing yrs old.. Cause thats mature and normal..NOT!!!

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