Monday, December 31, 2012

Almost-last outfit of the year: Grandma Fiesta

This is my last outfit of 2012, post!
This is what I wore to my great-grandma's 93rd birthday fiesta!

Hanes Men's Tank Top
Houndstooth Tank: FOREVER 21
Blake open-weave cardigan: FOREVER 21 (yes, I got both recently so they might still have em!)
Grey Hat: I can't remember wear I got it, it's kinda been with me a while
Boyfriens Jeans: SEVEN FOR MAN KIND
Shoes: all red slip-on VANS
Belt: I got it at Ross like billion years ago, it's my favorite

I was not loving my hair at all, so I just put a hat on! Viola! Better in an instant!
I also gave myself a  haircut  then next day, as in yesterday, but I don't have any pics to post yet- but I like it much more now...maybe I'll  vlog about it to day on my TheKandeeJohnsonShow youtube channel.

My mom made her yummy homemade chile rellenos- I ate like 6! I love them!
Tamales, I got lots of salad to make me feel better about all the chile rellenos I ate! ha ha ha
Sweet Rice
and my cousin made yummy chicken fajitas
We also made home made "mexican sodas", it's basically just italian sodas but we just called them "mexican sodas"- in caramel apple, strawberry and vanilla.
And it's not a fiesta until you have bright colors and a piƱata!
 We even had funny face "accessories on sticks" for funny pictures, Ellie and her stache!
 Ellie, me and the 93 year-old birthday girl (grandma). Ellie was feeding her chocolate I think.
 Ellie and more funny accessories on sticks...
NOT SHOWN was the 5 pieces of cake I ate...hee hee hee hee
My weakness: cake and chile rellenos

AND HOORAY!!! I will be filming my yearly NEW YEARS VIDEO today and I think I'll also film a "haircut" vlog today too!

2012 hugs and I'll see you on my blog, next year! ha ha ha That never gets old....

PS. CLICK THIS to see the awesome haircut Blake gave himself.

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