Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good Bye 2012, HELLO 2013 and my resolutions!

My yearly New Years Tradition has become, filming a New Years video.
I've filmed one every year since I started on youtube- a video to give you hope, inspiration and some joy for the new year.
Yesterdays video was the most emotional video I've made....
but with reason....
my 2012 was hard.

If your 2012 was hard too: If you lost someone, felt depressed, were heartbroken, sad, felt suicidal, felt hopeless, felt not good-enough, were sick or injured, went through any kind of tragedy...or anything I left out, that was less-than-great...

Yes, on my list of "resolutions" I might add, the popular: GET IN SHAPE or GET MY STOMACH IN at least 3-pack shape (ha ha ha)

Care, even less about what people think
Share my heart more with everyone around me- love more, show more kindness
Live with more compassion
Not compare myself to others (we are all great, even if we don't have all the fancy stuff other people show off all the time on facebook, instagram, or anywhere online)
I want to be true to my heart in everything I do
I want to make sure I'm following God's will for my future
I want to inspire and encourage more
I want to live outside the "average" box...
I want to make more people smile and feel loved.
yeah, and maybe work out regularly again...I miss feeling strong and healthy.
Maybe that will inspire some new videos! ha ha ha

Happy New 2012 everyone...not matter how stinkin' 2012 might have been....as my dad always said: "make today better than yesterday".....we will make today, this week, this year...better than the last!

I hope you like my New Year's Video... I share my heart and hardships of 2012 with you...and my hope and excitement for the new year too:

2,013 hugs, your kandee....now let's go out there at show 2013 what we've got!

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