Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekly Favorites: lip color, shoes, music

Happy Saturday....
And here's some of my favorite things I saw this week: 
 RED VELVET LIPS: My beautiful friend and make-up artist, Priscilla Ono,  instagrammed (is that a word?!) the Lime Crime Velvetine lip color in Red Velvet! It looks almost as delicious as red velvet cake tastes! And everyone else must have loved it too, because it's all sold out....! (and it's vegan and cruelty free...extra awesomeness)

 you may know it from, The Art of Flight movie- it's a snowboarding movie, but it is amazing even if you don't like snowboarding, THE NAKED AND FAMOUS  song, YOUNG BLOOD- it just makes you happy:

Jeffrey Campbell Gene - I own one pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and I have to say the are incredibly comfortable and I get crazy amounts of compliments and "where'd you get those", when I wear them.
I don't own these, I'm just drooling over them...and a lot of other people must have drooled over them, because they're all sold out!I'm not a fan of the "sold out" thing being a trend! ha ha ha

From my Kandeeland blog, lil Ellie in her "bear"'s just a jacket and hat, but it's the cutest thing ever!
Happy First Saturday of the year....make it happy no what comes your way!

Life is too short to let the bad things that come our way ruin our life...keep smiling, keeping hoping, and always know that a rainbow of happiness is waiting to come out after the little rain storms in our life.

Some people "heart NY", but i HEART YOU! your KANDEE

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