Thursday, January 3, 2013

My New-Old Haircut?!?

this is half "throwback thursday " post and's my new haircut!
I have thin hair.
It's hard to make it look thick, or cute for that matter.
I need some changeroonie.
 Above are 2 pics of my "old hair cuts"....I don't have any pics of when I shaved it shorter...although I liked it, I didn't like it enough to take pictures and it was back when we didn't have "camera phones" people didn't take as many pics as today! ha ha
 here is me with shorter "Marilyn" kinda blonde hair- as my hair grew out...which took forever. But, I've even gone to the doctor to see why my hair is getting so's almost scary! ha ha

and my thinny, thin thin hair......
I'm thinking of going shorter, kinda like my moms hair, an asymmetrical bob...yes, I just said my mom has cooler hair than me, see:
so here is my "hair cut video" to see my "shorter" hair in video form....

Happy new year, new hair.....sometimes ya just gotta change it up, your kandee

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