Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back in the Day Pics: Me and My Mom

It's time for Throwback Thursday and I've got a special mama!
Here was me, my crazy blonde hair that was growing out because I was preggie...and my MAMA!

 My moms hair was soooooooo long!!! (this is when I was pregnant with Alani, so it was almost 8 years ago!)

And then even more "throwback" than that....this was me and my mama, a couple years before that!
My hair was shorter and hers was curlier...ha ha ha
A huge thank you to my mom, for one: having me and always being such an awesome, loving mama and for two: for unknowingly letting me feature her in my "throwback thursday post"...hee hee hee

big hugs from me and my mama....(because she's a hugger like me, or I'm a hugger like her!?!)....
a much longer-haired, kandee

PS. And I'm going to TRY to upload a video today or tomorrow for sure! CHECK MY YOUTUBE HERE!

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