Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I cut my hair even shorter:

Yes, I went even shorter than this first short hair cut!
I lived with it for a few days, and it was fun, then I said to myself, in total "mind talkingness"....:
It needs to be shorter....I'm feelin' shorter.
I called, no actually I texted, to see if  Joseph could cut my hair shorter....
And he did and I LOVE it 270,739 times more than I did before!
And he didn't even blowdry my hair! I love it! I feel like I'm back! My stylish, fun hair is back. No more spending all that time drying all my hair, curling or straightening all that hair....
I git ready so fast today...I love it!
SHIRT- Forever21
SHOES: Dr. Martens

I love my hair so much I want to bite it! Ok, I don't want to bite it at all, but I DO love it!
A huge thanks to Joseph Marzioli, for giving me the best haircut I've ever had...and for checking even detailed things like the shape of my head, to see how to cut the hair so it falls correctly- he's seriously a hair genius/artist!

Man, if you've been thinking about cutting your hair, just find a great person to do it...and DO IT! You will love it! I love, love, love my hair!!!

love from me and my shorty shorts hair, kandee

PS. If you missed seeing the video of ALL my hair getting chopped off, or you just want to read all the awesome comments about how much girls are now, in love with Joseph (ha ha ha ha) watch this:

1 comment:

ListenToLindsay said...

Kandee, I love it!!! You make me want to go short again... And then I remember I'm trying to grow it out lol
Kudos to you, dear friend! You can rock any look xoxo

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