Friday, January 4, 2013

How to look cute when it's cold:

 you need to wear some warm Ugg-boot action...
Here's my winter-warm-out-fit-of-the day:
denim hooded shirt: FOREVER21
leopard print jeans: FOREVER21 (but you do end up pulling them up all day, ha ha ha)
boots: UGG boots with the 3 buttons on the side
earrings: silver hoops
bow ring: it was a gift so I have no idea where it came from

And what I looked like standing up:
 And what I looked like with the hood on:
 because sometimes hoods are fun...although I took the hood off right after this picture! ha ha ha
Remember when it was trendy to wear a jean skirt and Ugg boots in the summer time?!? ha ha ha
I just wear my UGG's because they seriously keep my feet warm, I'm not sure how all those girls that wore them in the summer time, how their feet didn't burst into flames.

Hugs and Uggs, your Kandee

(happy first friday of the year!!!!)

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1 comment:

Alicia said...

there is noo way you had all those kids lol you look great!!

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