Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Have you ever seen this?!?

Let me start by saying last night I was trying to edit a video....
First, my video camera that had all my videos stored in it's built-in memory that I was going to be uploading and editing...
well, somehow they are all gone, no traces, no anything- believe me I stayed up til 2:30 am trying to retrieve them!
THEN, my computer started making the weirdest noise it's ever sound like a burning and crackling fire...coming from beneath the I shut that baby off in a jiffy! And decided I was gonna call it a night!
I wake up to my phone looking like that up on the screen!!! It wouldn't respond to anything for a while, now she was safely shut down and back and looking more normal. 

Needless to say, I might be making an appointment for the "genius bar" at the apple store today! ha ha ha ha

You see my phone has been acting crazy for a while now, but I don't like getting new phones, call me crazy. And this phone has special meaning to me, it has all the texts from my dad on it and I don't know how to get them off safely to save them.

But maybe I will be forced to get a new phone...I couldn't take a picture yesterday, and then she did that this morning....oh Apple store, looks like we're gonna have a date today!

And you have to see these because they cracked me up:
1. The iphone 10 - the tallest iphone yet
 OR AT LEAST UNTIL THE iphone 20 comes out: bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha
 (source: chinahush)

hugs through the cell phone, well if it's working......and if not, through the computer...and forget it, just hugs through the air, your kandee

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