Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Designer Blue Tooth Ear Cuffs or just ear jewelry:

Earcuffs are not new. I had a bunch in the 90's.
But ear cuffs, that "cuff your whole ear" are new...ha ha ha
If only they could make blue-tooth ear pieces look this stylish!
The studded one above is from TOPSHOP- it's actually my favorite one, but it's all sold out.

This could be a new "designer-blue tooth".
What if in 100 years, everyone wore these on their ears.
 This one looks a little more...."I just swam up from the bottom of the ocean".
 Alicia Keys ear-rockin' a more not-so-cray-cray version of a "hoop-cuff".
 For some reason I kinda like this one.
What do you think of the one below....
I want to like it. I want to say that's awesome. But something inside me says it looks, 1. painful and 2. like a bejewelled elf-ear.

 And if you don't like all the jewels, you can just have "DUDE" swirling around your ear!
Yes, if you want this I saw this on ebay for only $1.06!
 Or would you wear a stud-cuff that was this size?!?
or would you at least wear this one?! It's again from TOPSHOP and again ALL sold out!

If only I could find a picture of me wearing, my one thin little silver ear cuff back in the day. I even had one that looked like a person hanging on my ear! Oh brother! ha ha ha

Off to edit a video and hopefully squeeze in my 20 minute workout sometime today (ha ha), your naked ear-ed, kandee

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