Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just so you know....

You make the world a better place just by being in it.
(this wonderful lil' pillow was sent to me by very precious girl, and when I looked at it this morning it meant more than she will ever know)

Some days I have down days, and by down, I don't mean curling up on the couch and watching You've Got Mail, and eating a pint of ice cream, I mean days that I just feel discouraged.

Somedays I just wonder why if anyone like what I blog about.
I don't have a team of people that take pictures of me to post.
I am the only one that edits my videos.
I don't have an assistant running around carrying my purse or Starbucks, or sending out tweets for me like other girls.
(and if anyone needed an assistant I would..ha ha ha, with 4 kids)
The world of fashion and beauty bloggers is not really a beautiful place.  
I've encountered some of the most unkind people in the "beauty" and "fashion" world.

But this is like life. Sometimes there are people in this world that only get their value by, buying expensive things, by showing off, by trying to make themselves feel cool, by trying to seem as rich as they can, showing off their get the idea.

I think reality tv has glorified all the wrong things in life....just getting rich, getting into fights, drama, drama and more drama. I can't even stand watching tv sometimes because it just makes you feel bad, disgusted, or like you will never have enough money to ever live like any of these people, or it ust makes me upset seeing people arguing and fighting.

Why can't someone in tv put shows  on tv that are inspiring, show people being awesome and kind, and fighting, no drama.
I just want you guys to know that if you have a "down" day, you are going through a "down" time, you are around people or are in a relationship where the person makes you feel "down".....


I don't care if you don't have 284,573 friends, or if you have 0 friends (you have me as a friend, I'm like a friend in your pocket...I'm just a click away! hee hee)
I don't care if you don't have the most trendy purse or accessory.
I don't care if you are no where near living like a reality tv star.

And if no one has told you today, know that I love you, I think you're amazing, you don't need anything fancy to be cool or stylish.

I think the most stylish people are the ones that don't buy all the expensive are more creative when you have to make or hunt for cool treasures anyway.

Great style can't be bought with a price tag...I've seen the most stylish people that don't have one brand name anything on.

I think you are incredible right where you are.
Exactly how you are.
And exactly who you are. 
Know that if you have down days're not alone.
I will always be here to try to lift your heart up and encourage you.

If you want to see my videos I put up the other day click these-
This one might make you smile- Jordan did a video with me:

and CLICK HERE to see my BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEWS I uploaded on my main channel yesterday!

I hope something in here helped make your Saturday even better than it was before you read this...SUPER SIZED HUGS, kandee

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