Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Look of the day, er yesterday: a lil bit rock n' roll:

 My make-up, hair and outfit-of-the-day, looked a lil' something like this. And yes, I am officialy wearing my "Red Velvet" lip everyday....I can't help it, people ask how my teeth are so white, what color I'm wearing, and the color makes me happy....If you missed it, I'll post the video below (again)...
As I already told you guys....this week is a crazy flying everywhere week...this is what my suitcase looked like....with shoes....I love those Turquoise (the only Jessica Simpson thing I own), but you can't even stand in em for a minute, so they came out of the suitcase...who knows what I'm gonna wear to my friends wedding!
And this was the view from one of my 2 flights yesterday....ha ha ha ha
LAS VEGAS...kinda looks like some strange kinda is. ha ha ha ha

Hugs and hurrying to get in the shower...let's make Wednesday awesome, your kandee

PS. oh and here's the my lip color how to...that I can't get enough of:

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Anonymous said...

I love that lip color ^__^

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