Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Make The Superbowl Pretty: Superbowl Makeup

 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
You might not even know what teams are in the Superbowl (pssst: it's the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens), or when the Superbowl is. (Hint: it's this Sunday!)...but I'm gonna make sure your Superbowl Sunday is gonna be pretty!
Here's how to put some beauty into game day...and it's just a fun video to watch, especially the part where I try to catch the football...and the "team lips"...even if you can't stand football! ha ha ha

MY GOAL: fun and beautiful + team spirit = this SUPERBOWL 2013 MAKEUP LOOK

LIP TRICKS: Not to take sides, the 49ers colors are Red and Gold
The Ravens colors are dark purple and I did a half and half team lip!
I used the GAME DAY LIPS TATTOOS from Violent Lips! (they make them in ALL team colors!)

And the gold eye look is just pretty, you could wear it anytime!

Now let's get ready to have some fun....and yes, that is not a "stunt double" that's all me "catching" the football...ha ha ha (ps. the bloopers at the end are my fav!)

I don't even know how the scoring in football works and I ate half a bag of yogurt covered goji berries while I typed this, your kandee


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just the Beginning!!! These poor girls have all been taken advantage by this SCAM ARTIST!!! The only difference is, I have the law behind me to hopefully do something about this!! One girl was going threw chemo and felt so bad for this scammer, That she gave her last bit of money to this SCAM ARTIST!!!U all can say what u want!! Fact is YOU ARE sticking up for a person who U DON'T KNOW!!! And she all has you scammed!! So sad that someone with FOUR KIDS could even sleep at night knowing the lies and BS she spews to make money!! Sad!!

Maybe he got sick of her bs and is no longer in the picture, like her other husbands. Maybe because he left he asked that she take down everything about him so that people don't associate the two of them. It's probably hard to be around her and her diva-tude.

Re: FACTS: About Bobby

Post by Guest on 15th January 2013, 4:17 pm

oh man. what did we expect from Kandee, right...

she might as well hump a rabbit, a duck or an accordion for as much as I care. but it does disturb me she's pretending the child doesn't have a father or something in the family.
I mean, she CAN jump through hoops when it comes to keeping up her 'mom' blog where she constantly posts photos of her children though specifically forbidden to reveal their identity by a judge. what does this demonstrate? that she doesn't stop from anything to get more views, 'pennies' to 'pay the bills'. gag. greedy bitch.

then she plays the 'single mother' card. perhaps to get more sympathy thus more views of her blog rather than free gifts and donations. the bread and butter is the blog...and the YT videos. not the freebies. i mean i don't really care, what annoys me is her lack of honesty and this pity party combined with reality show scenario she's constantly's really freakish. a mother to do that? doesn't she have other responsibilities? if she admitted blogging and making videos was her full time job i would've just made fun of her for being so lame...but to lie she's in the Hollywood makeup artistry me, that's a felony. Imagine Kandee interviewing for a real makeup artist position at some studio....her 'credentials' and the spectacle she's made of herself surfacing. she'll be unemployable starting with that moment. what a scam artist, a clown and a shameless manipulator.

I wouldn't be surprised to see her leading some weird cult in about 5 or 10 years....she's capable of anything. and the thicker the plot (i.e. the lie) gets, the harder it is to get out of it...

thumbs up for people who didn't feel comfortable anymore with making videos and basically living their lives for a cyber community. people like LolliPoop who got the point and moved on. perhaps family, job, whatever. something MORE than talking to a camera all alone in your room...just because you get sixty traincases of blush every week, for free. that's scary if you ask me. sociopathic behavior, in a way.

anyways. I am sorry for this man who got involved with such a lunatic. I'd be afraid of her. she's scary, with those voices and the Chucky look in her eyes. i'd be terrified to spend the night under the same roof with this psycho. really now.

Poor Booby. dude....grow a pair and just put the bitch in her place. she NEEDS it.

Anonymous said...

Re: FACTS: About Bobby

Post by RJB on 14th January 2013, 2:44 pm
No one really knows much about Bobby, to be honest.
He's not a professional surfer, as Kandee claimed, but I think he did make money being a driver for a while.

For the most part, Kandee disregards the father of Elyse because it will contradict her "Single mother" claims. From legitimate sources, we've learned that Bobby owns a house of his own, but being that it isn't up to Kandee's "standards", Kandee chooses to, instead, live with her mother in a giant house that she rents.

Bobby has taken the role of father very seriously and has even taken in Jordan, Kandee's eldest son, as his own (found via his old Facebook statuses that are floating around here, somewhere). From what I've noticed, though, Kandee hasn't mentioned Bobby, at all, since Elyse was born. So no one knows if he's in the picture or not, anymore.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he got sick of her bs and is no longer in the picture, like her other husbands. Maybe because he left he asked that she take down everything about him so that people don't associate the two of them. It's probably hard to be around her and her diva-tude.I'm fairly certain after reading posts here AND from what she has posted herself - i believe he's in it too. I dont pity him one bit, whats that gonna change for him what people he never met think of his lack of a backbone for putting up with her circus fabricated lies of a relationship. He has all to gain and nothing to lose. They both ''work'' and cover their life expenses. Maybe they are engaged maybe even married by now after that engagement ring story came out of his facebook. She has a portrait of herself to maintain and he has been pushed away from her online persona because he didnt know how to fake it as she does. I really dont understand how she can live like this, lying and one point I guess you start believing all your lies.

Anonymous said...

"Won't somebody please think of the children?!!!" Re:Trust me I understand your frustration with Kandee's glaminars and her lies and leading people to believe that she's a struggling single mother.Last I heard he was a car salesman. He talked about it on his facebook page back when they were too dumb to have it private. He's also a former marbys dangler.I have been following Kandee Johnson for some time and just recently started having a bad feeling about her. She just seems too old to act the way she does, and I am sick of her constantly hinting about her birthday and how she doesn't have much. Just don't buy it.
:::Just the tip of the iceberg FOLKS!!!I have hundreds of emails left to go!!!

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