Monday, January 14, 2013

Room & Nail Make-Over

My nails got some gel polish with a twist.
I wanted to keep ol' ring finger wild with a little leopard print nail design.
(I had the lady at the nail place do it, but it was hard because I kinda wanted to just grab the polish and do it myself...ha ha ha- it just takes me forever to do the gel polish myself, so I went to my local nail place to have a speedy version done! They were all OPI  gel polishes)
(remember when I did a video on can click this for leopard print nail how to)

 And then over the weekend I wanted to do a lil' video background make-over!
So I hung up more twinkly lights, than I already had up.
I used all my "candy" decorations from Christmas...and some other random cake stands, glass candy jars with colored tulle inside, and my disco balls (that I got at Home Goods)...

 I just think twinkly light make everything look enchanting, glowy, ethereal, and just cozy and if a lighting was yummy, this would be it!
 I love these little cupcake ornaments that were an awesome gift....and my giant letter "K", I think I got at Marshalls or Ross a long time's just been hanging in my laundry room...but who hangs out for too long in a laundry room.
And I filmed a make-up tutorial with this new twinkly-ness last night...I'm gonna go edit, do more laundry, and pack because this week I have a crazy schedule- but hooray I get to leave the house adn go somewhere! ha ha ha

I'm gonna be heading to Sundance to show you guys what it's like there, at the gifting and suites and the L'Oreal and Entertainment Weekly beauty suite! We will get to see what all the movie stars get to see there.
Then I'll be heading to one of my best friends wedding in Seattle, then flying back to LA, for a meet and greet at IMATS on Sunday!

Off to edit, do laundry, pack, and try to film one more video, hugs from your Kandee
(who is so excited, because I feel like most of the time I don't go anywhere exciting...unless you consider my trip to Rite-Aid last night exciting....I did have lots of fun trying to find dupes for my MAC lipliners to show you guys! sort of had success)

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