Monday, January 21, 2013

My yesterday: make-up on planes and amazement

Before I even get started...about my yesterday...I have to interrupt myself.
Today is Martin Luther King Jr day...and I want to honor such an incredible man, who was taken from this place, to be in the safety and amazement of heaven many years ago...and I love ALL of his quotes, and this one I want to share with you:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 
(amazing man that was a blessing to us with his heart and mind)

Ok, now back to my-no-where-near-as-important-as-Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Day-post:

as we flew out of cloudy Seattle...we rose above the clouds and the sun was shining- that is like life..sometimes we may be going through a cloudy time, but the sun is always there shining above...waiting to come out and warm us up and add brightness to our lives!
 this was what my "tray" in the plane looked like:
we woke up so early to leave for the airport to head back to LA...leaving Seattle from my dear friends wedding (more pics from that, when I can get the pics of my fancy camera- all these are from my "fancy iphone", because that's how I do it)
#1. Task I didn't know what possible: I applied fake lashes on a plane- Demi Wispies from Ardell...are amazing, just a lil FYI! ha ha

#2. I tried to edit a video (my haircut video) on the plane til my computer ran out of battery!

My laptop has zero battery power, and Ellie kept helping hitting buttons! ha ha
But she did share headphones! ha ha h
(more on Ellie traveling on my KANDEELAND blog)
#3. I met, Chuy (Chelsea Handler's sidekick), as we walked off the plane. We were waiting for Ellie's stroller, he was waiting for his scooter...and he's soooo nice! Ellie loves waving at him.
 #4. Curled hair with my flatiron at the airport in LAX before we raced straight to IMATS (international Make-Up Artist Trade Show) for our meet and greet (aka meet and hug)...

#5. I was worried that no one would show up to meet me and I would feel so embarrassed to even have a meet and greet....and my heart about exploded when I walked and saw this line of amazing people waiting to let me be honored to hug them....
 I could not believe that so many people had come to see lil' ol' meant so much to me, was such a blessing to my heart, and I cannot put it into words enough in this post....I will do a separate post about it because it was so amazing!
 All I can say is, the love, the tears, the hugs, each precious soul meant so much to my heart...I can not thank everyone enough for being there to share love with me!

I had an amazingly fun dinner, with old friends and new friends that was just so much fun...I'll post about that later too...because I've gotta race to finish editing my "haircut video" to get it up today!

So many hugs...and I'm off to edit as fast as my lil' brain can, your kandee

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