Thursday, January 24, 2013

Once upon a time I looked like this- ha ha ha ha:

 I thought I'd spice up this weeks' blog post with a Throwback Thursday "grab bag" of pics... will see me without one drop of make-up...ha ha ha
Some awesome bangs and I'm sure, a side pony-tail.
 High waisted shorts....I'm so over that trend, which I started way back when...bwaaa ha ha ha
Side ponytail- CHECK!
Little booties- CHECK!
Shorts up to my ribcage- CHECK! - Because making your torso look as short as possible is always great!

AND...I had to save the best for last.....Can you find, your favorite friend, named Kandee, in this picture below...
*HINT: I look like I escaped from an episode of Little House On The Prairie:
EXTRA HINT: my sister is in the pic too, but she has a way more modern dress than me.
Look at that poor girl you think she wasn't in love with her dress choice?!?
 ha ha ha ha ah

Hope this made you feel glad that your shorts were never worn that high...
hugs and side ponytails, your kandee


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