Monday, January 28, 2013

Why Make-Up and Traveling Don't Mix:

I not only place a Kleenex tissue on top of my shadow before closing the palette lid, but I wrap them in fluffy towels and place them in the center of my suitcase- all to insure that not a speck of shadow should be torn away from it's preciously, pressed shadow pan, self.

And then my palette looks like that.

You should have seen my suitcase...there is now a hole ripped in the back of my suitcase. It looks much worse than my eyeshadows.

If you're wondering, the adorable, magnetic zebra print palette, is from Z PALETTE.

Poor, BRULEE, eyeshadow from MAC, took it the worst.

And if you've never seen's how to repair BROKEN EYESHADOWS:

And yes, before you even ask....I will re-make this video with better lighting and new, this video is over 3 years old- back when I had my squeaky old video camera! ha ha ha

And my favorite quote of the day:
True Beauty Comes From the HEART, NOT the Face.- your friend, Kandee Johnson

Go shine that beautiful heart of yours everywhere you go. Because their are many people in this world that look pretty on the face, but their heart doesn't match. Face beauty fades, but heart beauty just gets more beautiful as the years go on.

hugs and happy monday...go make it amazing!
I heart you, kandee

PS. I'm gonna try to work on a fun video I have for you guys!

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