Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Red Lip Outfit of the Day:

Some people have have people that take pictures of them for their blogs....I have me, myself and I....
so sometimes I have to take "mirror pictures" if I want to show anything I'm wearing...so here is a shameless picture taken inside the bathroom at BEST BUY.
Star Scarf- TARGET
Grey Cotton Shirt Dress- James Perse
Black Leggins - Forever 21
Coat- I got in in London at a little street market in Camden (i love it! I've had it for years now!) Bet you didn't know I was part English!? hee hee
Silver Ring- I got it at Home Goods actually, cray huh!?!
 And silver hoop earring go with everything...
Black winged liner- SMOLDER from MAC
RED LIPS- I'm thinking of doing a tutorial for the lip color which I call- Red Velvet Lips. It's all lipliners and blush! CHERRY (red) and CHESTNUT (dark brown) lipliners from MAC.

LIPSTICK FACT: in the great Depression of the 1930's, when sales of everything went down, lipstick sales stayed the same.

NAILS: I have all red nails (Nailtini polish in Bloody Mary with just my pointer finger painted "turquoise" with For Audrey from China Glaze.
I went to Target the other day to see if they had any other cute scarves like this one...and not a single one! I love this one and it goes with so much, and they had nothin'.

PS. It looks like I'm wearing matching earrings, but I'm not....ha ha ha I don't have either partner for these hoops, so one is bigger! ha ha ha

and if you missed my FAVORITES of 2012 video I uploaded yesterday, here it is:
( I've got my favorite MAC eyeshadows, perfume, shampoo, make-up artist supply goodies and a peek in my closet too!) - click it to watcheroo:

huge and red lipstick, your kandee

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