Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Not Blend in with Averageness:


This picture was some years ago.
I was in New York City...this was on the rocks, right near the Brooklyn side, of the Brooklyn Bridge.
I remember my leggings were from Forever 21 (still have them).
My grey purse was from Urban Outfitters, and it had changly chains that were noisy when I walked.
I had cut my Men's Hanes t-shirt.
I had also cut an old men's flannel shirt on the sides and cut the sleeves off.
I miss that watch, one of my dear friends had made it for me and had used the watch face, from my Grampa's Grampa had already gone to heaven.

Sometimes I look back at pictures of things I was wearing and think..."hmmmm, that was interesting..." but at least I always know I wore what I wanted, what made me feel happy when I got dressed, or confident.

At least I know I never, shrunk back, and said, "Oh I guess I'll just wear something average, something safe and on-trend, to make sure no one makes fun of me, or so I don't stand out......I'll just blend in with all the other average-ness".


The world doesn't really bother average. No one makes fun of average. Because it's just there, it's kinda boring. What's there to make fun of?

Don't settle into the boring cracks of life.

Don't just buy another outfit that you know is safely average. Don't just have another average conversation where you quiet the true you that wants to say something funny or silly, because you think someone will make fun of you, thst may be the very thing that makes them fall in love with you!
You don't have to show up at school, or work, or pick up your kids in a neon jumpsuit, or wear a tutu tomorrow, BUT PLEASE, don't just settle into the monotony of "nothing out of the ordinary"-
YOU ARE EXTRA-ORDINARY...and it's time you let the "extra" come out and shine.
sure, maybe 20 years from now...I might look at this picture and think, "those were some crazy leggings, self"....or wonder "weren't you embarrassed walking down the street holding all those balloons?!?" NO! Because every little child and even adults, smiles so big at the site of all those balloons. It was out-of-the-ordinary, true. It may have seemed potentially embarrassing, but it made everyone who saw them, smile.

We want to look back and, I know, I wasn't scared to wear what I wanted, dream what's in my heart, and live a life, that when I'm laying in my bed at the end of the day, I'm not going to think......"I wish I would've just followed my heart....and stepped out of the "world's comfort zone" and into the "comfort zone of my heart".

Dare to live  life that isn't ordinary!

AVERAGE  should not feel comfortable to you. Fitting in should not be what you desire.....YOU SHOULD STAND OUT. Break the mold. Dare to live in such a way that you are DIFFERENT.

One of my favorite quotes is:
Isn't that awesome!?! We are born with our own unique opinion, likes, dreams, desires, and even style...then slowly, life, mean kids at school, other that are ready to dish out a judgement and opinion, maybe even our family or friends- make fun of you, your hopes, your individuality...and slowly your "original-ness" might shrink and soon we might seek to be like someone, or something we're not...just feel like we fit in or will be accepted.

Dare to be the original that you are! Stand out! For all that is awesome in the world- Be the original, unique and fabulous YOU that is waiting to be that flower that stands out in a field of grass!

I love you and please, feel free to share, pin, email to a friend that can use this! It was type with love and a "pretty bow" for your heart to unwrap and feel like it was a special gift to remind you how amazing and wonderful you are!

Now go out there and stand out- shine that beautiful self that you are!!!

hugs the size of something really big, your kandee

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