Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Before & After and Awesome Stuff

Not only was I at the same place, The Grove in LA, but I also still have the same jacket on! ha ha (it is from woo) from 3 years ago and from just last week! ha ha ha

And nevermind that it rained on my hair in the AFTER or "THIS YEAR" picture, and I had to pin it up....I am not a fan of my hair pinned up showcasing my forehead like that...ughster.

this was me before it rained on my hair and my bangs (AKA fringe) were still cute.

And now let's begin the friday of fun things to show you:

*this phone was kinda awesome-tastic, I saw it at H & M, but I have no clue how much it cost, I didn't buy it, I  just held it up to take a picture!

 I have this Lighting Bolt Power Cord on my wishlist- I love this! I saw it at Urban Outfitters, it's by kikkerland, I love everything they make!
 This is the most awesome, whatever-these-are-called:
"More Duck Lips"- said no photographer EVER!

And here is my "little tiny" stocking...bwaaa ha ha ha ha
I did start editing my holiday house tour video, but was falling asleep while I was doing it, so I still need to finish it!

 Dreamt is the only English word that ends in "mt".
Good luck using it in your next rap song.....

ANNNNNNDDDDDD....CONTEST ENDING SOON- check back here soon because I will be picking and announcing a winner from this contest in later today:
you can still enter for another few hours HERE.

ANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD...and if you missed it, you might wanna see the HOW TO APPLY EYELINER TATTOOS VIDEO (i love it!):

Happy, only 4 days til' Christmas!!! And in your face doomsday.....ha ha ha ha
Each of you reading this is awesome, just in case no one told you that today...
your kandee kane johnson (how awesome would that be if that was my real middle name!?)

CLICKITY on this to see our "boot-scootin'-cleaner" on my kandeeland blogster.

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