Monday, December 17, 2012

Just another manic monday...

Oh Monday, we meet again.
Here's what I wore over the weekend, or on Saturday anyway....
TOP: Forever 21
TANK: Men's Hanes' White Tank Top
LEGGINGS: Grey Leopard Print (old from Old Navy)
BLACK SKIRT: it's actually a tube top dress from American Apparel - but you would NEVER catch me wearing it as a "tube dress", I just fold it down around the waist.
BOOTS: Grey Doc Martens with pink plaid inside
SILVER CUFF: an old Forever 21 piece
SILVER MESH CHAIN NECKLACE: good ol' Forever21 again
BLACK BELT: a really, really, really old belt I got at Ross like a million years ago

And sometimes you just need to have fun when you get dressed. Life's too short to get dresses to: +make sure you please everyone
+don't get made fun of
+make sure you  don't stand out
+or to just wear beige

I hope today, or even tomorrow, you are inspired to wear something that just feels a little extra fun! It doesn't have to be new, or expensive, some of my favorite things are old "faithfuls", like my $10 Ross, belt that I've been wearing for years!

I'm off like the lights at bedtime, your kandee

PS. or you could wear a little reindeer on your back like this: KANDEELAND

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