Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today is a very special day to me....

(My dad and lil' Ellie last year at Christmas time)
Today is my dad's birthday.
And this is the first birthday that he is in heaven.
There are no words, and I am trying to swallow hard, and blink away the tears that are filling up my eyes as I type this, to explain how much I miss him.

My heart goes out to everyone, who's lost a loved one to any awful tragedy this year, I know there have been so many. My heart goes out to anyone who's ever lost anyone, due to any heart is with you, now and through all difficult day or holiday, or moment when you heart just hurts.

I'm celebrating that today, many years ago, the most loving dad, I could have ever asked for, was born into this world. I miss him every day....I will miss him this Christmas.

I will miss giving him his presents wrapped in the funniest ways I could think of...I've done that for years.  And as I try to move all these tears so I can see my keyboard...

I thank God, for letting my dad be born on this day, pretty long ago (ha ha ha- I had to put a ha ha ha, in there or I'd be a crying mess all over my laptop)...because he was the most perfect dad for me.

And because my dad liked music:
in the words of Eric Clapton: there are no more tears in heaven...
in the words of the great Rod Stewart, in heaven my dad doesn't need to worry about getting old today, because in heaven, he will be "FOREVER YOUNG"....

until I see my dad in heaven, I will celebrate every year that he was born, because, 
on that day, my precious  dad was born...and that is something to celebrate!

If you have lost a loved one, please feel my heart going out to you, to know that you're not alone in hurting, in missing someone, and I pray that God will comfort your heart with his heavenly love...and always remember that this life is short and goes by fast....heaven is forever and  I can't wait to see my dad there!
I know he's gonna be lookin' young and it will be better than any old birthday party here on Earth!

Huge hugs and love from a tear-faced kandee (ha ha ha ha)

Ps. I will cheer up and try to post some fun or funny things after this, to make up for any tears it may have caused ya! ha ha ha

To end on a more "inspirational note"....
I made this video, just hours before the picture of my dad was taken above...he was at my house while I filmed it...and his words would fit right in with this video, his quote he always said was:
"make today better than yesterday"...and today, I will dad! Enjoy and know my heart is with ya:

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