Friday, August 14, 2009

twas the night before the glaminars and all thru the hotel...just a kandee was stirring...

i'm soooooo excited for tomorrow!!! and i can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces!!!
here's the location:
if you haven't signed up yet, you can pay at the door or sign up at there are a few hot little seats left!!! make one of them yours!!!

come to my meet & mingle at W Hotel (Union Square)
(5:30pm to 7pm)
The Living Room
201 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10003
at 17th St.
this is open for everyone, so i hope i see even MORE fabulous folks at the W hotel!!!

Off to bed...good night make-up, good night glaminar stuff, good night big apple


Unknown said...

Goodluck tomorrow and don't forget to take enough pictures for the people of the rest of the world!

Unknown said...

Good luck Kandee!:D
Love your blog and videos btw:)

XOXOXO From sweden

D-DN.Y said...


Esteban said...

This comment is for d-dn.y,

First of all let me say that I am a personal friend of Ms. Kandee Johnson, and the comments made in the prior posts were un-called for. In your first post I believe you mention that "you could save your money and watch her on youtube", and that "some people are just there to meet her and not going for the make-up classes"... OK, you do have your opinion... but let me break it down for you. If girls or guys want to pay $299 "just to meet Kandee" then let them... because that is THEIR reason for going, maybe Kandee has touched their lives in some way and they just want to finally meet her in person and thank her? as for your "save your money" comment?... A few months ago I went to go see Jane's Addiction in concert... now the concert was GREAT!! but I WANTED to experience the music live and see the band perform LIVE... so what your saying is that I should have stayed home and passed up a RARE opportunity and just play there CD on my computer?? you see, these girls and guys want to be able to experience Kandee "live" and be able to ask questions, so I think your past posts are hurtful and destructive in nature, but again you are open to your opinion, but just be aware that your post might be deleted, and if so don't repost and claim that you have "exposed" her in all caps, I mean if you had a blog and someone made a rude comment in regards to you personally, or to your views, would you keep it in your posted comments?? just something to think about it.

I have helped Kandee prepare for the Glaminars (behind the scenes) and it is not easy... or as easy as you might think... alot of prep work has to be done, so please do not make light of the classes because alot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this and for you to just make these rash, un-researched comments just shows how bitter you might be?
Your second comment was based on "guess who is paying for Kandee's dinners, museum trips, etc..." I suppose you are trying to make a point to discredit her by saying that she is using glaminar money to pay for her "extravagant" lifestyle while in NY? As for dinner? well she has to eat sometime, am I right? and if it happens to be a nice restaurant, who cares... and as for the museum.. well sometimes people need have a little fun. And for all of this you don't think that for one minute she used "her own money" oh my, what a concept... and I know that for a fact! So she is not tromping around NY on the Glaminar's dime, my goodness Kandee is working extremely hard visiting magazines such as Vogue, Elle, etc... because THEY wanted to meet her, so to jump to conclussions and make unfounded comments just makes you seem immature. As for the cost of the Glaminar? I actually helped Kandee research this in the early stages of the planning process and can say that the price pales to compare to some of the other "make up" seminars that are out there. Look I am an engineer and I have gone to a 1 day workshop for new software that cost me $2,300 for the class, and was worth it? of course!!, because I actually was able to ask the instructor questions and got to see first hand the product being used in new ways that I may not have been aware of before, the same goes for Kandee's Glaminar.

I do accept your opinion (good or bad) but please realize that if it is of a negative nature Kandee will delete it, so don't think that you have won in uncovering some plot that she is "robbing" her customers, or that she is joy riding around town with the customers money.... I mean that is just ridiculous!!! Please consider the feelings of others before you post.

Thank You and God Bless,

Esteban Cortina

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry that someone is using your hard work and dedication to your passions and your family as reason to criticize you.

I have a t-shirt that simply says...No one likes a hater!

And honestly they don't even like themselves. Keep your chin and up and keep doing what your doing.


P.S. I didn't write this to try and convince you to come to Tampa/St. Pete...but if you do I will help you get a place dirt cheap!! lol

rocky said...

Kandee girl don't pay any attention to the nasty comments that JEALOUS people are writing. You are doing things that others have only dreamed about and have not tried to do, so you are their target unfortunatly. No worries friend you do your thing and ROCK IT OUT!!!! Love and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Kandee! I am sure you'll rock it!!! Come to Chicago next! Actually Oakbrook is super nice (Great Shopping!) and right by Chicago so it may be a little cheaper for you to come there! Either way I am goin! lol! Stay Sweet!

Abby Barnett said...

Kandee - Good Luck!!! I am sending you all of my positive energy!!! Ignore all the haters and think the big picture:) I know that it is going to be amazing and I only wish I could be there!!! You are fan-tab-ulous!!!

Moriah Costa said...

Kandee, you are amazing!!! Good luck with everything- it looks like your dreams are coming true!! :) I love you, you inspire me to be postive (something i always have trouble doing). My thoughts and prayers are with you, evan if i can't be in NYC to meet you! God bless, I hope that one day i will be able to meet you :)

Missekatt100 said...

Rock on Kandee :) i se you like every day on youtube . it makes my day! You are an inspiration and a icon for many girls ind the world!

Love from Denmark!

mary said...

Hi Kandee! I have a request for a video. Now days, Lindsay Lohan is such a mess that it would be ridiculous for anyone to want to look like her. But I remember how stunning she used to be, so I was wondering if you could do a tutorial of her look at the mean girls premiere:

love your blog/videos!

mary said...

oh, heres a better picture,_Lindsay/gallery/LRS-007436/

SomeONE said...

hi can you do a video on youtube on how to curl hair coz i have long layered hair that looks close to yours;D please! take care & thanks.

Heather Scott Partington said...

I just found your blog/youtube channel/ videos yesterday, and I wanted to say thank you--not just for the great tutorials, but for the great attitude, and for being another mom who works so hard and encourages others out there. I wish you all the best, and I'll be following it all from here on out.

Heathersworld said...

Some of us can't make it to things like what you are putting on. I do watch your youtube and I would pay the money to thank you in person and be part of the enthusiasm and vitality of everything that you are all representing. I am a disabled mother of 4 with many current life issues going on that prevent me from participating in these things at this point in my life. So, as someone that supports you and is excited for you, I am thrilled that you are caring out your dream despite challenges and opposition. This is it. Wow. You're so in the big leagues and have been. You never quit. I watched your video last night on youtube about your story and you are worth every penny for what you are charging. It's great to know you can rise above the naysayers. The higher you go, the odds of opposition go higher too. It's just a shame they wasted time to post.
We love you Kandee and I am excited to know you are living your dream. I would love to see more about your children although I know your site is not about that. Have a great time and I look forward to the updates.
May God continue to be with you and bless you.
Heather Stafford

cocobenz said...


you just keep doing what you're doing! Keep being genuine, inspiring, funny, silly, encouraging, we feel the love radiate through your videos- I can only imagine what you'd be like in person! Keep staying true to you Kandee, we love you for it!!

May God bless you always!

Unknown said...

kandee!!!! i hope you remember me! i sent you an email about glaminars a few weeks ago and how i couldn't make it because of my friend's wedding. i had a great time as it was my first indian wedding but isn't it silly that i as thinking "i wonder whats going on/what i'm missing at the glaminars right now!!" anyways, it sounds like some people are jealous of your success and like to spend time exerting negative energy. i just want to remind you that you are amazing an the world loves you!!!! i hope you come to SF one day....that would be too good to be true :)

My love,

p.s. i did the "cat eye" look that you taught us for the reception.... rawarrrr!! -----/----<3 (my heart flower to you!)

Anonymous said...

I heart you Kandee! come visit my page! :) I gave a little shout out to you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Coomer said...


We've all missed you very much. I want you to make us a promise. When you get home I know you're going to want to tell us all about it and post pictures and videos. But first, please make sure you get a good night's sleep! Rest up! You've been going on very little sleep lately. We all love you and want you to take care of yourself. And we know that sleep is good for the complexion! :-D

- Makeup Momma Jennifer

Elspeth said...

Hi Kandee!

I have recently begun watching your YouTube videos, and I must say you make makeup very accessible - even to those of us (like myself) who are makeup challenged. I do have a question/request - I am blonde, blue eyed, fair skinned with more than a few freckles - how would I go about doing foundation (I happen to adore my freckles)? I also find that a lot of the eye makeup I see is very heavy - now, that could just be me being unused to the whole eyemakeup thing, but I am curious if you had any suggestions.


Jennifer Coomer said...

I just read back through some of these prior comments...I guess I missed some controversy that someone was trying to discredit Kandee and say some hurtful things. In response to Esteban’s comments (which I support)…I’d like to take it a step further. I personally don’t care if Kandee does take money she made from all of her hard work to cover her living costs in any way, shape or form. She’s worked HARD. She’s a professional in her field and she shares a lot information with us for FREE. For our own benefit! Either for our personal makeup use or for the people who do work as makeup artists. She puts so much time and effort into her blog and her videos and doesn’t charge us a cent for the product. Then she provides an opportunity to get more hands on teaching from her in person and is providing time, energy, and materials. Plus the space to do so. Plus the cost of her airfare to NY. And I’m just going to guess here…but most likely Kandee has taken a financial loss in some area to be able to do this. To charge that much to learn from a professional in an expensive city like NYC…is a steal! However, if Kandee wanted to charge $500, $1000, $10,000 for her Glaminars and turns a HUGE profit on them…I FULLY SUPPORT THAT, TOO! Why shouldn’t she? Why shouldn’t she be able to make a profit off of her hard work??? Why shouldn’t she be able to make loads of money off of hours and hours and days and weeks and months of preparation, time, effort, lack of sleep, and time away from her kids, family, and friends? I fully support the entrepreneurial spirit. And am sadden that our culture has made “profit” a bad word. PROFITS are what built this country. I’m sorry to tell you all this – but PROFITS are what allows you to have things like JOBS, GOOD QUALITY healthcare, vacation days, sick days, 401K plans, bonuses, coffee in your breakrooms, a/c in your place of business, parking places in garages (I’m aware that not everyone has this…but you get my point). And profits allow your bosses to hire more people. It what allowed them to hire YOU. They also allow your bosses to drive nice cars, live in nice homes, and pay for their children’s educations. Profits allow people to give to charities. We can and all should aspire to make PROFITS. Hard work will get you far. The people who want something for nothing…one day you’ll just getting NOTHING.

I’m sure that Kandee made every effort possible to keep the costs of her Glaminars as low as she could and still be able to cover all of costs to put them on.

I wish I could have gone.

Off my soap box now.

Kandee, keep up the good work. And never ever ever feel badly for enjoying an expensive dinner if you can afford it.

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