Friday, August 7, 2009


i love em...a dash of rockabilly, elvis, punk, and fashion runway....
Zac Posen had some pomp, stompin' down his runways for fall fashion 09/10!!!

all you's gotta get is:
a round brush
bobby pins
lots o' hairspray ( i used GHD hairspray)
smoothing cream - pomade - wax (KMS cilantro lime wax-creme)
root volumizer - mousse (I used Redken Rootlifter)

now let's get pompy!


wackojacko said...

wow your so amazing !!!
i love you soooo much !
you do anything and everything for us and it looks so punky and rocky!
the only thing is i have realy short layers so i cant really do it on mine lol :(

will you please remeber to do a katie price video pleaseeee kandee !
god your so gorgeousss :D



Unknown said...

greaaat Post girlie!!

Maria Karla said...

Amazing Kandee!

rocky said...

I LOVE THIS LOOK! I have short BOB and I think I am going to give it a shot! I'll let you know how it goes! LOL Have a wonderful day! :) -Rocky.B

babyroch said...

Thanks for doing another hair
tutorial, but pleeeeese I have been hoping you would do the one from your Kat Von D with the stars hair =)

Princess of many sorts. said...

Hi Kandee.
I just nominated you for the Creative blog award , check out my blog for details.
Have a gorgeous day;)

Dannygirl said...

Hey!!! If we have a certificate from your class will that allow us to qualify as a MACPRO and get the discount??

Miko said...

I just checked out your new site and I love it! Besides you looking gorgeous the whole color scheme and everything is amazing.

Anonymous said...

i wish i could do this hair style, but i cant. i dont have a nice face shape like you. Mine is very round =( Great vid though. The b. Brush, gotta buy one haha bc it does teases your hair very nicely. You look so beautiful like always KandEe.
With lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Kandee you're adorable! I love your videos. I wish you all the best with your career and the Glaminar. Keep those videos a comin'.

PS. Do you think you will host a Glaminar in LA? I live in CA and would love to go to it.

Unknown said...

OMG Kandee, you're such a stunner with your bangs up like this!! I love this look on you. I'm gonna try it tomorrow! :P Thanks so much for the look!! You excel at what you do! xoxo

Jennifer Coomer said...

This really made me wish my hair was longer so I could try this out!

w00ts up said...

Hey, love the poof and your makeup in this vid!!! Thanks again!

mimi said...

thanks for the hair post keep em coming purlease!!!!!! do you think you could do like a kandee's guide thing so that if i were going out to buy a new bottle hairspray or foundation or whatever that i could just look up my kandee guide and get one that you have used! I know I would love it I'm always trying to find your vids to find one thing you've mentioned so maybe all your fans would like it too???

Keep up the amazing work still a huge fan!

Come to Ireland!!!!!!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

I love this kind of hairstyle!! Pompadour!!!

lily from []

Jennifer Coomer said...

Okay, I tried to do something like this today. And I'm thinking my shorter haircut and short bangs may not lend themselves to it. BUT! I am not going to give up. I'm going to try it again using different products and more bobby pins.

Char said...

POMPALIOUS !!! I love your rocker look ! Super fun Kandee !!! I can't wait to see your videos on your journey to the Big Apple ! I wish I was in NY with ya ! Shine on my dear, Love Char :)

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