Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strength in Beauty, Beauty In Strength

I always say: "you're more beautiful than you now, more talented than you think, and more loved than you can imagine"....

but I love these words written on this boxing glove too!

Abby sent me this awesome GOLDEN BOXING GLOVE which she wrote on with the words:
"Strength in Beauty, Beauty in Strength". This was a birthday present she sent to me! And I cried as I read the precious words she wrote to me.

I had the honor of coming to know a beautiful girl named Abby. She is one of my new heroes.

Abby is on the LEFT, my head is circled on the right! ha ha ha (this was at the GLAMINAR in Pasadena)

I gave Abby the best seat in the front row of the Glaminar, it had her name on it with a special pink ribbon tied to her chair.

You see, Abby NEEDED to be in the front row to read my lips...she is losing her hearing, and need the help of special hearing devices (which she chose to be sparkly and bedazzle with sparkly decorations!) to hear me.
Not only is she losing her hearing, but she also told me how she received even more bad news, that it is now affecting her eyesight. Precious Abby commented that at least the medication she's on will make her eyelashes look thicker! How incredibly optimistic is that!?!
Not only is this sweet, precious and incredibly strong girl slowly losing her hearing, but to get hit with the fact that your eyesight is now being effected!
ABBY is the new hero of my heart!

She is energetic and joyful, despite all that is going on in her world. She is optimistic and full of twinkle.  When we think we have obstacles...people that are discouraging, a horrible job and lots of bills, babies or children to take care of, we live somewhere we don't like, we have no friends...I re-think, my thinking. Here is Abby, this gentle spirit with obstacles that would send most of us into a deep depression, and instead of thinking her future is ruined...she goes on with a determined heart and mind, with an attitude and spirit we all need to have that says... "I am strength! In my strength I am more than beautiful. I will find a way, make a way, where no path has gone before, no story like mine has been told, I will pioneer new frontiers and do things that no one like me should have done! I will rejoice in my strength. And when I feel weak, I will pray for God to strengthen me and be the footprints in the sand carrying me when I can't go on. I will not let my circumstances decide how I will thoughts are going to direct me to greatness!"

Remember: You're better off with a disabled body and enabled thinking, that an able body and disabled thinking!

Abby you are my hero and I am so honored to know you. You encourage me and inspire me! I love you!

Please pass or post this blog today to anyone that could use this story of strength and encouragement in their life!

written an typed with huge amounts of love and encouragement and STRENGTH!!!
i want the best futures for all of you reading this....huge love and hugs, kandee


...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

Beautiful words. =D

Miss Dress Up said...

People like Abby are used to remind the rest of us that God is good ALL THE TIME and in all things and in every way. Thank you Kandee for sharing her story and encouraging us to GET OVER ourselves and learn to love all the time and in all ways. This story really helped me get over myself today and stop focusing on my little problems and focus on the beauty of what God has given me. Love you!

Unknown said...

Uplifting post...thanks!

Jamie said...

"You're better off with a disabled body and enabled thinking, that an able body and disabled thinking!"

As somebody with MS, this post is amazing and beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much, dear one!!!! xoxo

**"Liza"** said...

Awww, this is such a wonderful gift Kandee. Every time I need some boost of inspiration. I always find it here at your blog. Keep it coming!

Deepika Dharnaik said...

encouraging words.......... m posting it on my facebook for all my loved ones to undrstnd hw to LIVE.... may all live a brave n happy life... love u kandee.... n regards to Abby..

Nati said...

kandee your heart is so BIG! your words made me sad. but Abby is a wonderfull strong women, i dont know her. but i am sure she will make the best to her situation!! god bless her

KaritoGlam said...

Beautiful and inspiring!

Thank you for sharing her story. Nothing is impossible in life if we really wish it from our heart


dani@callitbeauty said...

what a wonderful and inspiring woman!

i've always had problems remaining optimistic despite my situations and have been trying my hardest to re-train my mind to be more so.

thanks for sharing her story, kandee! i definitely needed to hear it.


Melissa said...

Wow this is unbelievable!!! She is so strong and determined!! Those were lovely words that you wrote!!! I love reading your blog posts!!! You inspiare me so much every day!!! Lots of love Mel xoxox

Danielle said...

Thanks for that post.
I teared reading it.
The boxing glove is such a special idea!

Take care, love to you and your family.
Danielle x

Lisa B. said...

What an honor and a gift to have met Abby! People like her (and you) are our angels on to remind us that when the going gets tough, the tough KICK BUTT!

Thanks for sharing this Kandee!

Lisa B.

liz said...

you are incredibly inspiring kandee
you remind me i have to be strong!


Unknown said...

Hi Kandee,
What a truly altruistic person you are to make someone with some physical challenges feel so good about themselves! I applaud your generosity! Keep up the great work!
Jill Oscar- www.academyofglam.coom

o0fAshionstArr0o said...

beautiful story very inspiring story

Ann-Marie Carey Judd, Make up Artist said...

Abby you are amazing!! And I will pray for you and your doctors to give them wisdom in treating you. Amen x

Margara said...

Awww I love Abby!
I remember hanging out w her in the morning waiting for the Glaminars to begin. She is so precious and such an amazing, beautiful girl!
Im so happy you posted this Kandee :)

Beata said...

We struggle and when we hear about others struggles we are reminded of why it's important to keep hanging in and trying to live the lives we really want.

Abby sounds really positive, this is the great part about being able to live through her struggles.

JK said...

this is such a lovely post! i hope Abby remains strong and with a friend like you im sure she will! x

Ann said...

Abby is a great role model!

And so are you, Kandee, for being able to recognize that!

You and Abby are both awesome girls!

Cari said...

Wow. Incredible.

FaithHopeLove said...

this is a heartfelt story, thank you kandee for sharing, we would not expect any less from your loving caring beautiful heart.
To Abby - you are so beautiful and im sending all the light in the world to you for your health!

rae said...

"You're better off with a disabled body and enabled thinking, that an able body and disabled thinking!"

Those words really struck home for me today. Thank you Kandee and Abby for inspiring me to move onward and upward.

Sandra Dee said...

Those words are beautiful.

Crimson Vixsyn MUA said...

I need this right now!!!! Thanks for this post. I got a chance to me Abby and she was such a sweetheart!!!!

The Demigoddess said...

I just absolutely love your blog, Kandee, and your tutorials on youtube.

Hugs for Abby..

Ezemeraldita said...

You're such an inspiration Kandee, I love and look forward to your e-mails always. Bless ya, always!

Rose said...

What a wonderful inspiration Abby is to both you and all of us- thank you very much for sharing this!

New and avid reader,

Rachels Makeup Artistry said...

That is so sweet of you to give Abby the front row and help her read your lips. I can totally relate. I lost hearing in my left ear when I was young due to an illness that could have been fatal! I have to go to a specialist every 3 months for the rest of my life. I am only 21! It has affected work in the past (I was a veterinary technician) just because people I worked with didnt understand. But I am still as enthusiastic as ever about being a makeup artist :). Thank God for people like you Kandee.

sparklejett said...

So, this is abby. First, words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude to Kandee - an angel on this earth. And also, my love and appreciation goes out to the amazing Kandee family. Having been able to attend the Glaminar in LA and feel the love radiating out of that room that day, I can say that there is a tremendous healing energy from this community that has continued to inspire me.

I shared with Kandee that I got good news from the eye doctor recently, too. YAY!

Each one of you has a light that shines so brightly I can feel it allllll the waaaaay through the internet. Please know that every single person reading this is full of potential and beauty. Thank you for your kind words. It means more to me than you'll ever know. STRENGTH IN BEAUTY, BEAUTY IN STRENGTH!

Love and lipstick,

CarmenSays said...

pssst! *whispers* u have an award! check my blog :]

and I love your blog kandee! i've been following for the past year and a bit but I haven't commented up until now. I'm such a lurker lol but when i was given this award for my blog, the word sunshine reminded me of you and I thought it should be passed onto you :] huggles xx

Anonymous said...

What an inspiration!! I wish I got to meet her there! I love this blog. I think I say that every time. haha! Much love and support to you, Kimee!! <3

Yuli Andrea said...

Kandee- this was a great story. I want u to realize that just like this woman is your new hero you have been a hero to many of us. i know that personally you are an inspiration to me and i can't wait until your glaminar in nyc. i wish you the best of luck :)

Unknown said...

You are such a beautiful person inside and out Kandee!

selenity luz said...

What a lady: ABBY!!!

My Name is A. said...

what an amazing, strong woman. this was a beautiful post!

i am no different. said...

The funny and yet "small world" moment about this blog is that she has touched my life as well. I don't think things happen by chance, everything is thought out, mapped out by god and for a specific reason. I've seen your videos and as the night grew longer, i couldn't sleep and decided to read your blogs. Where i saw this... Abby came into my work one day. I work at Nordstrom at the Grove in LA. She came to me with a bag that was just not working for her... it wasn't holding up...and i felt like she assumed i was going to give her a hard time. I graciously accepted whatever it was she wanted me to do. I got to see her, the way she looked at life, the way she talked to everyone she was with, I got to see her life. her attitude...her needs, just her. You're right, she truly is amazing. She didn't say anything powerful, or really get into detail about much, but she changed my day and She is the reason why i love what i do. She reminded me to always treat everyone with respect and love because you never know the purpose they will play in your life...even if that encounter is just for a moment.

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