Monday, July 19, 2010


I have just found out that there are a few people saying they are having "GLAMINARS"...some have even copied images from my website and wording from there too! Please know that the official GLAMINAR website and sign-up are at:

I have worked very hard, and even made up the name Glaminar (because I wanted it to sound like GLAM + seminar)...I spend nights until 3-4am in the morning working on this, and it is very upsetting to know that someone would try to "steal" images, wording, and even use the name GLAMINAR to trick people.

These are the official GLAMINAR can click on the website link and some of the details about certain locations are on the website! SEATTLE is JULY 31st!!!!! (we're getting FULL!)
and CHICAGO IS NOW OPEN FOR SIGN-UPS!!!! (just go to locations and click on the cities name!)

I don't want any of you to be fooled by these imposter GLAMINARS! I love you all and want to protect you like I'm a mama cat and you're my lil kittens!

oh yes, a new make-up how to video is going up on youtube today! AND another CONTEST!!!!!

have an awesome day my loves....kandee


Jesi said...

Thanks for the warning... It's a shame you have to deal with that :(
I appreciate the hard work and countless hours that you put into you're blog, and glaminar website! Keep posting!! :)

hattie said...

Woah that's not fair! They will never be as good as yours Kandee!

Please could you follow my blog? I have just started and need a confidence boost, it would really make my day!!!


Unknown said...

I don't understand how someone could do that! You are putting your heart and soul into something so important to you, while others are just copying it and taking the easy way out. So unfair :P
When you come to Seattle, can you also do a meetup? I know you are extremely busy, but it would mean the world to me! :)

Miss Dress Up said...

People are definitely people...sorry Kandee. I'm glad you caught it!

Samelevennn said...

Some people just aren't right.

I hope you have another tour and PLEASE come to Vegas. I would love to see you... I wish you were coming here soon because right now, I need some happiness in my life. I know you'd be the one to make me feel better.

Thanks Kandee. :]

- Sam

Unknown said...

I made up the name "slyparadox" and had to deal with somebody on twitter who took my name and was squatting. Luckily I had gotten the copyright to it way before. Identity theft and impostor profiling happens an awful lot online!

Beata said...

Hi Kandee,

Sorry to hear about this. Something similar happened to by boyfriend. This really sucks and is frustrating.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

Look into copyright and/or trademark of your original ideas, images and statements.

Call a local lawyer in your area; lawyers are always happy to give free consultations. He/she may also have advice on how to stop others from taking your "GLAMINAR" idea and use it right now.

Good luck with this.

Let us know how it goes.


Emily H. said...

Can you trademark/copyright your name?

Also there may be something with "intellectual property" about your ideas, your content, etc. It is technically plagiarism whether you trademark all of it or not, I think?!?

CMGarcia said...

Hey!!! I was wondering, I really want to go to the Seattle one (considering I live in Bellevue, hehe), but I don't have the money, is there any discount or anything?????? I also posted a comment on your facebook page under the post about you needing someone to film for you, I would love to do that!! :)

Beata said...


Just saw your latest video-just great!

The palette looks really nice! I might have to get one!


Eils211 said...

Hi Kandee, was checking dates on website and it says London & Miami are the same day (9th Oct). Is this a mistake? hoping to travel to London and I will definitely be up for Manning the video camera for you.:-)
I am loving the look of the Naked Palette cant get it in Ireland yet.

Misty said...

Cannot believe they are copying you! So rude. There can be only one Kandee Glaminar! :)

Water under the Bridge said...

Honestly...not to take ANYTHING away from you, I have seen the Glaminar name before. But I certainly don't agree with them stealing your pictures and information. But you should def. trademark the name.. that'd be awesome on your part! :)

cOoKiElUvR said...

Sorry to hear, must be one of those haters! Good catching on to it! Luv ya Kandee! Keep up your hard work we do appreciate it!;-)

Anonymous said...

that is awful!!! I love your videos and have been a faithful subscriber for awhile. appreciate the vids and tuts!!! check out my blog at:

helheartsmakeup said...

london?!?!?! OMG ryanair I forgive you for everything!!that or I'll be cheap assing it on the bus to ferry to bus option :) feck the fakers!!

Cha Lynn said...

Kandee, I think this is a sign. You need to get copyrights on the term "Glaminar". I am not sure how to do so, but since you coined the term-- might as well right?

Schnelle said...

i'm so sorry to hear that. you definately need to copyright that asap!

Anonymous said...

It is saddening to hear that more and more people lack originality nowadays.

Chicago is the only Glaminar near my home and I cannot make it this year. If I had the money to drive a three hour drive to make it there or enough money to hop on a train I so would, but the economy being the way it is and me being unemployed I wont be making it this year. Maybe next year though.

I cannot wait to watch the new tutorial though, you always put me in such a good and make me smile. I hope everything is good for you Kandee.
Hugs and Kisses.

Anonymous said...

Wow, but don't worry, people just copy what's FABulous :). Like you!

Charlotte said...


Charlotte said...


Love Always, Me. said...

you may want to sort out your tour dates on your Glaminar site, under Locations you have Miami and London on the same day. :-)

LISA said...

Oh Kandee, I am so sorry this is being done to you. Those jerks should be ashamed of themselves. By the way I will see you when you come to Houston!! xoxo Lisa

Jennifer Coomer said...

Are you kidding? I'm sorry that people have done that Kandee.

Do some people really have nothing better to do? What a shame. I mean....if they are that bored they could just go people watch at Walmart or something....come on peeee-puuulllhhhh!

By-the-way, I had a tough day today... And was thinking about the difference between JOY and happiness. I was feeling tired, A.D.D., slow, "dumb", lonely, painful, sore all over (I live with chronic pain), low energy...just low. low. low low. I was having a bad work day. I couldn't focus. I had to talk to God. I was writing in my prayer journal and just said, "God, I want this little Light of mine to shine bright for You again. And for ME. I don't care if I'm 'happy'....but I don't want to lose my JOY in YOU! I don't want my Light to be dimmed."

Anyhow, thoughts of you & your words & inspiration were mixed into some of that. And I just wanted to tell you.

Thanks for being part of my life Kandee The Makeup Artist who I know, but don't...!! haha :-)

xo xo xo xo <3

JaaackJack said...

Wow i can't believe people would do that... that's not nice at all...

tiffany said...

Hi Kandee, that is horrible that people can't come up with their own ideas. You work way too hard on everything and its not fair that others try to take your ideas.

I really hope that you will be coming out to do a Glaminar in the Northern Cali area sometime in the near future. I live in Sacramento and have just been trying to save up with the hopes that you will come closer. But had I known that the last one you had was the closest you would be getting, I would have figured something out in order to make it.

Love watching your videos and reading your blogs. You are such an awesome person and are a light in each of our lives. Keep up the wonderful happy making job and hope to see u soon!!!!

* ClaudsMakeupCorner * said...

Which are the websites that are doing this? So we do not get confused.

Sorry to hear about this. It sucks when people just cant be original huh?? I know of a few ... but their true colors always come out.

wishing you the very best!!!

Christine said...

thank you so much for letting us know Kandee, i hate fake people :/

awww loved I'm a mama cat and you're my lil kittens! that is so cuteee <3

Love youuuu

xoxox Christine

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so sad that people would use your images and name to try to make a profit! Thanks for the warning, and can't wait for you to be in Houston!

Morgan Zag said...


I am so sorry that someone would do that!

PEOPLE BE YOU. Yes Kandee is awesome but your not her! Be who you are not someone else :)

Love ya Chick have a great B-day month :)

MorganZag XOXO

Alessandra said...

Dear mama cat Kandee,

it makes me angry to hear that people are trying to benefit from your success by copying you. That is so unfair!!
But remember:

"No man was ever great by imitation."
[Samuel Johnson]

huge love from your lil kitten

Neina said...

I just wanted to thank you Kandee, you are awesome and you've teached me some much about make up and life! Like how to deal with haters... I finally dare to make my own blog and I learned not to care what people thinks about it! =)

MM said...

eh.. that's just wrong.. but thank you for clearing things up. So now we know..

Lea said...

"I have worked very hard, and even made up the name Glaminar (because I wanted it to sound like GLAM + seminar)[...]"

You ain't the brightest crayon in the box, are ya? You litter scammer, you..

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