Saturday, July 3, 2010

How was the GLAMINAR???

June 27th...Pasadena California...
heart were changed...dreams were ignited...knowledge was given (so were certificates!)
I had no idea that we would break all our records for having the most people ever come to the GLAMINAR!!! We had people from Germany to Florida and everywhere in between!

This is not just a class about make-up, or how to become a make-up artist....this is an experience that will forever change those who were there! I cried with some of the precious people there...I celebrated their dreams, and inspired their hearts to take what they learned...but most to take that knowledge and start making their dreams come true!

People came that didn't even have an interest in make-up, and said they were amazed, and it changed them, and they are happier and more encouraged after going!

I lost my voice at the end of the day from talking so much...and I was pretty much exhausted...but my heart had so much energy and love! I want to thank everyone who came to the Glaminar! Thank you for letting me into your life and your hearts! You are know an Glaminar Alumni! hee hee

Since so many people have requested more GLAMINARS...we will be launching an 8 city, GLAMINAR GOES GLOBAL tour for the next few months of 2010 (I have a small window of time before my kids go back to school!) my blog in the next few days to see details on cities and dates!


and I can't forget....
....the prizes from everyone from our gift bag sponsors:

To our big winners that one a ZUCA BAG (we had 2 to give away)
And 2 DINAIR Airbrush kits!
To Model-in-a-bottle prizes, The new animal print Zpalettes, and an awesome Vanity Girl Hollywood Pink Starlet vanity mirror, like all the celebrities have!

I can't wait to get to meet more of you...and for others to experience exactly what really happens behind the GLAMINAR doors!
huge, huge love, your kandee


Anonymous said...

You're amazing.
And i am glad you had fun! I wanna to meet you so much :) !!

Ola Salah PR said...

Hi Kandee,
You have been so inspiring, it's beyond words. I love you so much and wish that you can come to Nova Scotia, Canada to do a Glaminar. Before makeup, I didn't think I was good at anything. If you come, it would really mean the world to me and lots like me who live here(nothing as awesome as a Glaminar happens here). PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP.


ChloƩ said...


Anonymous said...

Thank You for posting this!! I really wish I could have been there but seeing the video helps :] You are so sweet and genuine and I love to watch all your videos. Since I started watching the tutorials I'm taking more care of them so I can do all those pretty looks!
Keep up the good work. Love you :] KANDEEEEE ENKOREEEEE EVERYONE!!!!!!!

ashleysayduh said...

Just wanted to say i love all your videos and blogs! i wake up and fall asleep checking to see if you posted anything :)
you should definetly come to Austin!! I would love to come to one of your glaminars and meet you!


T.Fraser said...

I hope you come to Alberta, Canada!! It would be amazing and I would love to meet you! And I also want you to meet my beautiful daughter!! Love you Kandee!

Unknown said...

Wow, the glaminars looked amazing, haha I'm thirteen but I love doing makeup and your videos really inspire me! I hope that when I'm old enough you will still be glamonar-ing hahaha(: well i've been going through some hard times with friends lately and you always make my day<3 love love love, a big fan

Makeup Fashion Love said...

So amazing! I would love to attend a glaminar and learn about all of these topics! Such a great idea to do this and share your knowledge and be such an inspiration to many!~

Yuki said...

Hi Kandee!

Come to DC! We need Glaminar! I'd love to meet you.

ttfn :) Yuki

SimplyAntonia said...

I am happy you hade a wonderful time. You deserve it so moch. You have inspired me so much to reach for me dreams. If you only know how much you helped me. I hope you can have a glaminar in Chicago. I would be the first one at the door.


Marly said...

Ohhh Kandee(: i'm so happy that the Glaminar turned out so well for you! That is such a HUGE success! perfect timing with IMATS too..
Please come to Cincinnati, Ohio or even Columbus, would be a dream to come see you(:

Samelevennn said...

PLEASEEEpleaseplease come to Vegas! I'd love to meet you and go to one of your Glaminars, it would seriously be the most amazing thing ever :] kdksdjhf! <3

Beata said...

Hi Kandee,

We "Chicagoans" are friendly and have good chocolate, will you come do a Glaminar in CHICAGO? In exchange, we will feed you "Fannie Mae" chocolates, Giordano's deep dish pizza (the best!), take you to a huge Sephora on Michigan Avenue and lastly, we will be nice to you!


Daniela said...

I love you Kandee, it was a dream come true to meet you and get not 1 but like 10 hugs from you! Haha, and to get to win the very same Zuca bag you love so much was the cherry on the pie or cake... or cupcake!
xoxo Daniela Palacios

Jojo said...

Dear Kandee,

i'm so sad that i live in germany and you and your glaminars are so far away. Please come to germany or another european city!
It's one of my biggest wish to be on a glaminar!
Thanks for all your lovely words, videos and your great inspiration.
It's crazy but all we crazy girls loves you!
The biggest hug ever ;)
Xoxo, Jojo.

Christine said...

REALLY wish you could come to Norway, that would be so AMAZING.
But its so far away :(

It makes me sad because its so far away, and i feel that im never going to meet you and give you a huge hug.
Its so expensive to travel all the way to the US or UK :(

Love you Kandee
xoxo Christine

me said...

I wish I was there but I live in Greece :(

Unknown said...

I said it before, but I'll say it again: I would love, love, love it if you would come to Amsterdam and I could meet you in person. I think you are wonderful and such an inspiration. It's encouraging to see that a person who's been through a lot is still able to laugh and smile and enjoy all kinds of things in life :-) Your super positive energy already gets to me through the screen of my computer, so it must be far more powerful in real life :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your videos and your blog!

I vote for a Glaminar in Richmond, VA - or, more likely, the Washington DC area haha. That would be lovely!


abeautifulmind said...

Hi Kandee, please consider doing a Glaminar in the southeast. I live in Georgia near Atlanta and I would love to attend one of your Glaminars. You are so awesome and I know I could learn so much more from you. I watch you videos faithfully and read your blog daily. You are a true inspiration. Please consider Atlanta,Georgia as one of your 8 city Glaminars Go Global!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!! lol, Love ya Take Care. Liz

The Poop Diaries said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justpeachy said...

Please come to the Pacific Northwest!!! I adore your videos, and your inspirational attitude!!
I am trying to get back into "makeup artistry" after years of raising children and battling cancer. Taking your Glaminar could really give the boost I need to my resume and confidence! You make me look at life and even being a mom in a positive and magical way!

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

WOW that looked like sooo much FUN!!! love it! But im way over here in im guessing that nothing compared to Amsterdam and Greece ^^

Anonymous said...

Kandee, where's the next glaminar?

SelinaDivaMUA said...

Are you coming to chicago it would be sucha blessing to meet you...

Katie Alvarez said...

I just recently discovered your Glaminars and I am in AWE! I am a young wife and mother, and Makeup Artistry is what I want to do. I have known this for a long time, but living in UTAH, there arent many resources for the industry. I am saving my money so I can fly to wherever the next Glaminar will be. I am SO excited for this opportunity! Be looking for me!
Love & Lipgloss

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

So excited you are coming to Toronto. When you say London in your tour do you mean London, England or London Ontario, Canada.

Unknown said...

It is so good to see fellow make-up artists' coming together to share that special bond that we all have. It is very important to have events like this, so that we can learn from each other, and take away personal experiences that would've otherwise not happened. Keep up the Glam Work! :)

- Brittney Arroyo

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