Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am honored to be a part of your lives...to encourage, inspire and pour some love into your lives...
and like I've said before, each of you are my little "treasure dreams".

I want you guys to be a part of all that I do, especially when it is for you...your opinion matters!

So it's time to call on my "Kandee Fam" to help me!

Tomorrow my "name-less" show on BIGisGood.tv, will premiere Wednesday at 2pm, Pacific Standard time....
BUT THE SHOW NEEDS A NAME!!! (we need a name by the tonight!!!! Tuesday July 27th at midnight!)

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY ideas you all have for a show name....watch the show teaser (CLICK HERE TO WATCH SHOW TEASER!)and tell me what you think a great name would be based on the video and the other clips on there!

THANKS TEAM KANDEE....I want you all to be a part of this...my success is your success too! YOU  ARE ALL COMING ALONG THE RIDE WITH ME! This is not just me doing this, this is me and my Kandee Family..each one of you!

So let's name our show!!!

huge love my team.....your kandee


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CMGarcia said...

"Sweet as Kandee" ??? hehe i dunno. Now, most likely, I'm going to be thinking of another, better, title to come up with lol

Rachel said...

Glammy with kandee

Martine said...

Glam Kandee TV

Karrie said...

The Make Artist who leaves a sweet taste in your mouth Kandee!!!

Lisa Robel said...

Kandy Hearts

AngelSmiles said...

Glammin Hearts???

Margara said...

Life with Kandee, Sweet dreams, Kandee dreams

Shara Bhavini said...

Kandee Kares =)

CMGarcia said...

Big world, Big heart

Julia said...

A Piece of Kandee? haha idk, thought that was cute [:

Anonymous said...

Kandee Coated

mitty13 said...

Kandee Land

Anonymous said...

Kandee Cares<3. This looks really amazing and i can't wait to see it. blessings Kandee,I adore you!!xoxo
second name ~ Kandee's kicking it with kindness<3 lol either way this show is gonna rock

Ovanny said...




TK said...

KandeeGlam! :))

KaritoGlam said...

"Sweet hearts open for Kandee".

Maybe this is too long hahaa

Hmm, "Sweet hearts". Or "Kandee Talk"

hehe Hope you get many options that you like

Julie said...

"More Than Makeup"

Lisa Robel said...

oops Kandee Hearts

Sorry!!! LOL <3

SaMMieGuRRl said...

"Kandee Filled Of Dreams"

(Like ur a candy we all are addicted to that is filled with dreams we want to achieve throughout life.)

Unknown said...

how about Glaming with Kandee! kind of a spinoff of glaminar :)

SelinaDivaMUA said...

Just a few Ideas....

Inspirational Beauty from the Inside out...

Touching lives (or)hearts from the Inside Out...

I have a Business Card (because i am a freelance makeup artist) and it says....

Colors of Christ
Making your feel beautiful from the inside out!!!

I <3 it!!! - because no matter how much makeup you put on.. you need to feel beautiful about yourself on the inside 1st....

Amy Myers said...

The show looks great, can we watch it online? I can't think of any clever names so good luck.

MandaMarie317 said...

What about the same name as your other blog??

Adventures in Kandeeland!!

Karen said...

The name should have something to do with beauty... how about.." From Within " like beauty from within..

Jennivere said...

Care for Some Kandee
Caring with Kandee

Unknown said...

Love From Kandee

Hannah Jay-Bird said...

-Live, Laugh, and Kandee!
-Talk Time With Kandee Johnson
-Sugar coated Kandee Time
-Sometimes all you need is a little kandee
-Love and Hope with kandee johnson!

had00ken said...

Ummm so hard, everyone has amazing ones so far! What popped into my head was "Kandeelicious Looks"?? Or maybe Kandeelicious is too long!

hana said...

Kandee Cornucopia!

DiJoy said...

Inspired by Love


Unknown said...

Heart of Kandee
Sweet as Kandee

They're both true and honest :) good luck!!!

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Inspiration with Kandee

wvc75 said...

The Sweet Life With Kandee J.

Unknown said...

or Kandee Johnson: With Love

Jantastic said...

"Kandee: More than a make-up artist"
"Simply Kandee"

Unknown said...

-Cake It On With Kandee Johnson


-Kandee Johnson's "Cake It On"

Alessandra said...


glamin with kandee!!!

GLAMDEE !!!!!! <3


Anonymous said...


FashionableAddict said...

I agree with @flarefire936 Pieces of kandee XXX

Eeva said...

Everything can happen with Kandee.

dmxo said...

why not 'KandeeTV: Little Treasure Dreams' or 'Little Treasures Dreams'
since you did say each of us ar like your little treasures dreams haha:). Welll maybe anything along those lines. Haha kandee + fans= little treasues dreamns = <3 Besides it'd be unique and very close and meaningfull.

xoxoxo- delmy:)

Unknown said...

"Lifetime Makeover"

Anonymous said...

"more than just makeup"


"heart full of kandee"

Unknown said...

"Sweet as Kandee" was my first thought to....or "No Sugar, just Kandee"...." No sweet talk, just Kandee"...."Whole lot of Kandee"... or just simple " I Love Kandee!"

Anonymous said...

- Kandees Sweet
- Kandees Wonderland
- Sugars Sweet as Kandee
- Dream with Kandee

Unknown said...

Awesome idea!!! Here's some ideas for you!

- KandeeCam
-'Heart-To-Heart' with Kandee Johnson
- Kandee's Quest: Big Heart; Changed Lives

Hope these help!
Love, Ali K.

Emmy said...

maybe Love N Kandee? Kandeemania, Kandemonium, heart of gold?

sunbuffed said...

"A taste of Kandee"

Unknown said...

The Kandee Crusade: Inspiring the world and getting glam <3

messica1990 said...

Beauty..Inside and Out!

<3 you Kandee such an inspiration all over the world! If only everyone had your heart! xx

wetterhexxe said...

Heart Wide Open

Unknown said...

"Lifetime Makeover"

Anonymous said...

The Heart Truth

Glam at Heart


The Make-up Bag

Ciara said...

Nameless Treasures

Karen U. said...

Kandee TV -Sounds Perfect!

Unknown said...

Kandee Johnson's TV, Meet up Kandee, Kandee it's real

Anne-Sophie said...

-Kandee Johnson's Be Strong Tv Show

-Sweet-Heart Kandee Show

-Kandee Johnson's Keep Smiling Tv Show

-Getting through life with Kandee

.... I don't know! Some may sound weird, that's because I speak French :)

Lorraine said...

Kandee's Heart

Kandee Dreams

A Touch of Kandee

Kandee's Big Idea

Heart to Heart with Kandee

PygmiPiru said...


Katie! said...

I think the name of the show should be:

*Kandid with Kandee*

It's simple, and to the point. And yes, I purposely misspelled 'candid' haha. Candid means open, honest, and truthful. It's about being sincere, which is what I believe the teaser trailer showed.

Good luck with your show Kandee!! :-D

Anne said...

Kandee Family :)

Samantha said...

I like "More than Makeup!" or "Adventures with Kandee!" Girl you are gonna rock it either way!!!

Jordan said...

True Beauty, shines from the inside out.
Shattered mirrors, reflect more light.
The Kandee Johnson show, basic but wonderful.
Blessings counted
The broken road

Lwil said...

I want kandee !

Sarah said...

Just Kandee's Show


love, hugs and make up


With love, Kandee

mishimango said...

i like flarefire936 idea..."A Piece Of Kandee"....it sounds so appropriate...

anna said...

-more than makeup
-Kandee Love
-Your stories
-Big Heart
-Kandee Love
-Kandee Saver
-A helping Hand
-Your not alone

i like Hannah Jay-Bird ideas theyre really good

diamondsareagirlsbestfriend said...

-"I KAN" with Kandee
-Need some Kandee?

lucyfarinelli said...

"Dreaming Big" with Kandee Johnson

Anonymous said...

what about Inspirations and Truths with Kandee Johnson, I&T for short.

Unknown said...

"Inspirations, by Kandee"

Natasha K said...

Your Dreams with Kandee
Kandee-land will be the Happy-land
Dream Big because Kandee Kares

Unknown said...

-Touching the World One Lipstick at a Time
or just
-One Lipsticks at a Time

Unknown said...

The Many Faces of Beauty
It's a talk show featuring Kandee but ABOUT other people's stories.

redondogrl13 said...

"Life is Sweet With Kandee"

Anonymous said...

something like:

Coming together, Inside and Out


Sweet like Kandee, To My Soul

good luck! my friends and i will be watching :)

Catie said...

"A piece of Kandee" :]

makeupcakes said...

"Kandee Candy"??

Jay Luu said...

Real Colors. I think this will work because these are the girls real stories. And colors because everyone's background is painted with their own colors to make their own life's masterpiece without exaggerations.

Anonymous said...

** ** ** ** ** **** **** ****
** ** **** *** ** ** ** ** **
***** ** ** ****** ** ** **** ****
***** ****** ** *** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** ** ** **** **** ****

- Kandee Johnson: Perfect Hearts
- Treasured Hearts
- Kandee: Touching Lives
****** Kandee Family Diaries ******
- Beyond the Make-up Artist: Kandee Johnson

Catherine said...

- Inspiring Kandee
- Your Life (with Kandee Johnson)
- Kandee Hearts
- Listen
- Surviving (with Kandee Johnson)
- Kandee Helps
- Kandee Wants to Know
- Kandee Hears You
- Kandee Love
- Your Reality(with Kandee Johnson)
- Share with Kandee
- Kandee With You
- There For You (with Kandee)
- Kandee's Here

Unknown said...

kandee kisses. you listen to their stories and you touch their lives in a loving way like a sweet kiss on the cheek telling them it's gonna be all right! <3

Anonymous said...

I vote for "Beyond the Make-up: Big Heart, Changed Lives" (second part from previous commenter, Ali!).

This is amazing, Kandee!! I can't wait to watch.

shelly5209 said...

beauty inside out

Ms.Heather said...

True Beauty: Straight From The Heart

Anonymous said...

Sweethearts and Kandee???

Thanks for all your blogs and videos Kandee! You always cheer me up!

Polly May x

Catherine said...

or how about as simple as; Team Kandee ! lol

Unknown said...

Glamour-Walkie-Talkie a.k.a Kandee's show

Anonymous said...

Big Sweet Love :)

Unknown said...

Kandee sharing
Kandee's Love
Touching your Kandee Hearts

Anonymous said...

At a time... ¿?

Anonymous said...

"Stick with Kandee" or "Kandeelicious" or "Daily Kandee" or "Kandee to be" :P

Robyn said...

"Sweet Inspiration with Kandee Johnson"

Anonymous said...

People!!! No one said it yet!!!!!


Anonymous said...

People!!! No one said it yet!!!!!


coco said...

Kandee Cares

Livin it up with Kandee

With Love, Kandee

More than makeup with Kandee

Live, Love, Laugh with Kandee

Esly Cruz said...

I agree with a couple;

Pieces of Kandee and Kandee TV

Sasha said...

"Eyes Wide Open" with Kandee

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you! Here are some of my ideas:
- Kandee: More Than Makeup
- Adventures in Kandee-Land
- Kandid
- Kandee Glam
- Glad To Be Glam (w/Kandee Johnson)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head for now. If I think of more, I will post again!

Good luck on naming the show luv! <3

Marie said...

"Wake up to Make up" Or "Wake up and Make up" or.. "Make up and Wake up" whatever sounds better! haha

Why I came up with this title because your waking up from realization that the some peoples lives are harder than you think. We wake up and realize we aren't alone. We wake up to these girls' reality while listening to their stories. So, what these girl's do, is move on from the past and get their life back on track, and inspire others for change, or in that case "make up". while Kandee makes them feel beautiful with a little "make up" makeover.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for a name kandee ! :) Best of luck with the show!

Anonymous said...

"Kandee gurl" Helping your sweetness show from the inside out.

Anonymous said...

"Yours Truly, Kandee"

Unknown said...

Beauty Beyond makeup, its more then just makeup, Kandee... behind the makeup.

Just a few ideas :), i think its awesome that your doing this t.v show :D it will be a hit like teen moms xD. Good luck kandee xoxoxo


Unknown said...

I WANT KANDEE...haha...I think that it is appropriate, especially since this show is for your fans!

MiniPixel said...

what about

Coloring Hearts by Kandee

Veronica said...

Kandeeland (like Candyland the game) - a place of sweet love and inspiration...something like that! :)

MiniPixel said...

The Make Up-Heart

Unknown said...

-Share the Kandee "favorite one lol"
-Inspiration wrapped in Kandee
-Kandee comes in handy
-A little piece of Kandee
-Kandee hearts

Joelle said...

Eye Kandee
Kandee Sugar Rush
Like a Kid in a Kandee Store

Caro said...

Hi Kandee,

what do you think about:

"Here's Kandee, I'm listening"


"The power of Kandee"

lots of love

Anonymous said...

I really like the one someone posted Kandee Coated.

My suggestion would be this.
"Getting Real with Kandee."

I actually have a very meaningful reason for it as well. :)

A lot of time people equate makeup with being fake. However, I truly think that although you are very bubbly, you are down to earth. Because you are doing this video it seems very real and honest to me. I think that you are more than just a face... You are not fake.

And so, "Getting real with Kandee." Or something similar is my vote.

Krystyn said...

Oooo! There were some good ones here. I liked:

"More Than Makeup"
"Inspirational Beauty. From the Inside out"
"The Many Faces of Beauty"

I hope you find the perfect name! Much love, Kandee! I can't wait to see the show!

Kelly said...

what about Dream Catchers
or Make a change

Anonymous said...

OH, and I also love "Share the Kandee."

Veronica said...

I want Kandee (with the song by Bow Wow Wow playing for an intro)...

Unknown said...

Shattered Dreams, HEARTS & Disco Balls!!!!! Look into the shattered mirror with Kandee! Tell it Kandee!!! Kandee's gona help you! Gook luck sweety...:)can't wait for your show!!!! Jupiiiii....

Anonymous said...

Loved Miss J's

"iKandee" or "Kandee Coated", "A Piece of Kandee" ...

Thought those were all great! :D

kenshin85 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Color Me Real.

haha...yeah I like coming up with names...

kenshin85 said...

Kandee Mania :) xx

Bella said...

Glam-Jam with Kandee

Bella said...

Glam-Jam with Kandee

AudMina said...

La Vie avec Kandee!
Vie with Kandee
Vie like Kandee
Pieces of lives
Because you matter
Small girls, big lives

Noelle Garnier said...


Kandee Can

The Kandee Plan

Kandee Crew

Kandee Fam Reunion

(Kandee's) Glam Reunion

Kandee on Camera

EvilYvette said...

j'adore kandee<3

AudMina said...

Kandee inspired:
more beautiful than you know
Beauty in strenght

Kayce McBell said...

Life Love & Kandee

Life Love Kandee

Life Love & Makeup

Life Love Makeup

Suembi Lue said...

Dreams & Love by Kandee Johnson

DonnaEarley said...

'Sweets and Kandee'
'Sweet Shop wth Kandee Johnson'
'Fine and Kandee'
'Kandee Cuddles'
'Eye Kandee' (eye for seeing it on tv lol)
'Confide in Kandee'

Noelle Garnier said...

Seeing Beauty (with Kandee)

Noelle Garnier said...

More Beautiful

Kimberly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LadyD said...

Deluxe Truth Show :-)

Jojo said...


Look: "Welcome to Kandeeland!!!!" That sounds great!!!

Good luck Sweetie!

Xoxo, Jojo.

Cristal said...

~Kandee Colored Dreams

~The Colors of Life

~Love, Life, and Lipgloss

~Outside the Makeup Box

~Hues of Hope

~From Ashes to Beauty

It's gonna be hard to pick- good luck and congrats!! :)


Noelle Garnier said...

Kandee Pieces

Piece of Kandee

Kimberly said...

-Dream Smile and Shine The Kandee Johnson Show (MY FAVORITE =D haha)

-Changing Lives With Kandee

-Live With Kandee

-Changing Lives One Video at a Time



That is all I can think of! Hope it helps! Thank you so much for everything you do..you are my inspiration! =)

Love and Hugs,


Come and see my blog! --->

Cha Lynn said...

1. Kandee Unwrapped or Unwrapped Kandee
2. Kandee: Au Naturale and Sugar Free (implying the show is real and not sugar coated)
3. Kandeelicious
4. Beauty and her Beasts

I can't wait to watch the first installment of your brand new show!

browneyedgirl said...

Changing lives Kandee style

Tears and Cheers with Kandee

Tears 2 Cheers

Girl on a mission: listen, teach, save.

Kandee you are awesome and I love this new show!! Good luck with the name :)

Smileyjorge said...

I Met Kandee
Kandee and My Life
Kandee and My Story
I Love Kandee
I Heart Kandee
Kandee and Me
Kandee's Big Heart
Kandee and Beauty

Sun-shine said...

True hearts with Kandee Johnson
True lifes with Kandee Johnson
We're still standing.
Life touches.
Talk about Kandee!!
Life makes strong.

Anonymous said...

Kandee meets World.

Amanda said...

I watched the teaser and thought: How awesome to have a heart to heart with Kandee! Which gave me the name:

Heart to Heart with Kandee Johnson

Tag Line: Makeup artisit to the stars makes over hearts.

Noelle Garnier said...

Kandee Johnson: Your Turn
Living and Giving with Kandee Johnson
Kandee Lives and Gives

Unknown said...

Kandee's World
Colorful Life of Kandee

Anonymous said...

I think your show should be called heart to heart with Kandee

Sum Kuller said...

You kno you should keep your name in your show name.. 'cause people will kno who you are...!!!

well here are a few idea's i just got :)..

"Kandee is here!"

"Open Up To Kandee.."

"Welcome To Kandee'ness...!"

"Kandee's Talk Show..."

"The Talk Show with Kandee Johnson.."

"Strength in Beauty, Beauty In Strength"... ???????

i also liked the one Shara Bhavini gave, "Kandee Kares".. its really cool...

well..!! i hope i was of any help to my Diva Capt'n..! :)

LOVE YOU KANDEE..!! and i wish you ALL THE BEST IB LIFE...! <3

Deepika Dharnaik said...

1) "Post palettes" as in makeup palettes..
2) "Out of the box" as in make up box
3) "Beautifying the myths"
4) "Not just a make up story"

good luck with your show....... i knw u ll rock as always.
i hope you like my suggestions.

Sum Kuller said...

IN** :D

Unknown said...

How about "My Friend Kandee" That way you can be everyone's friend! :)

fireintheveins said...

Passing Kandee from hand to hand

Unknown said...

From Kandee, With Love.


Katie Alvarez said...

Keeping the Faith - Kandee Johnson

On Track with Kandee Johnson

Shine (Letting your inner beauty shine thorugh your outer beauty)

Love & Lipgloss

In Full Bloom

Keeping Up With Kandee

Just brain-storming. :]
Good luck <3

Unknown said...

From Kandee, With Love.


ashleysayduh said...

Kandee for All

Ton Teezy said...

Reaching Those Through Kandee Johnson

LolitaDays said...

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with: Kandee Johnson!

Julie said...

How about:
(1) Inspirational Kandee;
(2) Love, Inspire, Beautify . . . with Kandee;
(3) POSITIVEly Kandee;
(4) Follow Your Dreams with Kandee;
(5) Dream Big with Kandee; or
(6) Simply Sweet Kandee

The show looks amazing Kandee. All the best to you!


Unknown said...

God Shares His Kandee!
ha its a bit long sorry or how about warpaint? i know that sounds kinda of rough but i condiser make up warpaint to battle off those bad days when you feel less than nothing and it holds meaning like when warriors wore it to battle!

Unknown said...

"Supreme" or "From the Kandee Dish"

TheOfficialCarinaN. said...

I Think The Name Of Your Show Should Have This Title:
Or Making An Impact
One Of Those two Words Because You Are Making A Huge Diffrence In Peoples Lifes!

Anonymous said...

Inspired By Kandee

Jesi said...

Heart Kandee

Rivercitykitty said...


Jesi said...

definitely excited to see the show :)

Ally Does said...

Kandee: Not just make up and glitter!

Anonymous said...

Inspirandee!!! (Inspiration + Kandee = Inspirandee!!!)

lol, it's hard thinking of something good!

*Eye Kandee

*Glamin' with Kandee

Leslie said...

I can't wait to see the show!

I think it should be called,

Kandee's Cause.
1. BeCAUSE of you we're all inspired to be great.
2. Your dream to inspire others is like a Cause.
3. Because it rolls off the toungue nicely.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't check if someone already said this one, but, how about:

Sharing Dreams, Changing Lifes.

Good luck, Kandee!! <3

Love from Brazil,
Juliana M. Antoniassi

Unknown said...

The Beauty of Inspiration
Beauties Inspiration

Its all that comes to mind :)

Melissa said...

Hey how about " Kandee family" or "Share your dreams with Kandee!" or even " Kandee, the big sis, Johnson" lol I think a lot of people think of you as a big sister that they never had! xoxox Good luck!

Kristen said...

I like:
Kandee's Box
Kandee Box
Rock Kandee
Kandee Jar
Sweet Kandee
Delicious Kandee
Fairfax, VA

Kristen said...

I like:
Kandee's Box
Kandee Box
Rock Kandee
Kandee Jar
Sweet Kandee
Delicious Kandee
Fairfax, VA

Jael Hicks said...

definately KandeeLand!

Beauty By Toy said...

Hi Kandee!!!

you have been my inspiration for sooo sooo much!!!

i started doing youtube tutorials in part because of you!

after watching the show teaser and also bacause of how you have influenced me, i have thought if a few names :)

*Kandee Kan
Kandee (would be a great closer to the show as well)
*Hey Kandee!
*Behind the makeup
*Face it
With Kandee Johnson

Hope you like my ideas!!

<3 Ashantoy
toydances2 (youtube)


Unknown said...

Conversations with Kandee
Sharing Smiles
With Kandee Johnson

Anonymous said...

Kandee Nation!

Laurie M said...

Life: Kandee Coated

Anonymous said...

True Beauty w Kandee

lh311 said...

True Beauty with Kandee Johnson
Real Beauty with Kandee Johnson
Real People, Real Beauty

Anonymous said...

Glamination or GLAMBITION!!

Beata said...

Someone above said "Kandee Coated"

This is a good one!

This seems to capture the show's theme!

Chelsea said...

Someone might have already said this, I'm not quite sure, but "Sweet Dreams with Kandee" describes you perfectly to me :)

or, based of the names that IH311 has given, "Finding Your True Beauty with Kandee"

Anonymous said...


Ellie said...

Kandee Kisses xoxo

Sameena said...

The Kandee Johnson Show - not very original but it fits.

Dania Blanco Biggs said...


good luck!

Samantha said...

sweet as Kandee

nayla toretta said...

Got Kandee?


Kandee Talk


Piece of Kandee

Amy said...

"Kandee Glam" or "Kandee Coated Dreams" (idk if I saw that somewhere on here). "Sweet Hearts and Kandee Coated Dreams!" I love your show and your work! Your my idol and thank you so much for everything you have taught me! <3

Anonymous said...

Kandee Changing Lifes
K.A.R.E (Kandee,Artist,Renew,Encourge)

Earen said...

How about..."Glam-a-life" or "Touching Lives" or "Moments"...or I do also like one of the above mentioned names..."More than Makeup".

DistantDreamer said...

1)Behind (or Beyond) the Makeup

2)Sweet as Kandee

3)Kandee Dish

4)Dreams, Makeup, and Kandee

Anonymous said...

Kandee Hearts
Kandee Gets Real
Real Life, Kandee Style
Fun with Kandee
Story time with Kandee Johnson
The sweet life
Sweeter than Kandee
Smile for me
More than a makeover
Kandee Nation
Keeping up with Kandee
Kandee Kares (yes with a k)
Shine on me

Just some ideas. Some are silly but i think they're cute, just like you. You're awesome Kandee and everytime i watch one of your videos, you make me smile. keep it up :)


Shelby said...

come to the kandee shop LOL or a fun day with kandee

Elizabeth said...

" I Want Kandee! "
Nice play on an eighties song!
Good luck!

Emily Cummings said...

Kandee Coated??

Love you Kandee :) I hope you find a reallyyy awesome and perfect name for the show!

Unknown said...

Kandee do
K time
Kandee Time
Kandee Act
Kj Time
Kj see Kj do
Good Acts
I challenge you..
I dare you to... (help)
Do good

Julie said...

Call it "The KANDEE HEARTS show"

Shelby said...

i want kandee

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