Friday, July 2, 2010

IMATS is the place to be for make-up!

Date: Saturday June 26th, 2010
PLACE: Pasadena, California
For what: IMATS (the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show).....
what the huckleberry happens there?
IT is like the Mecca, the jam, the place...the shiitake...for make-up! Every beauty-cosmetic company that make-up artist use and love is there!
From brushes to make-up bags, to make-up Special FX supplies, to pro beauty supply houses.....
and...a whole slew of youtube beauty gurus!

In the video, you'll see all the gurus I got to meet, but ones I wanted to meet but missed..... Michelle Phan, Juicystar07 (we texted but didnt' get to meet), Dulcecandy87, tiffanyd...and those are the only ones I heard were there! I'd love to meet them all! Maybe next time!

I had such a fun day! thanks to all my "Kandee Fam" that came up and said hi! I was honored to feel to loved by everyone! I got to see what it feels like to feel like a celebrity for the day!  I had no idea htat so many precious hearts would come up and say hi! Thank you everyone for being so amazing and loving!!!!

Not only did I get tons of awesome goodies, from brushes to my fav make-up forever products, and some NEW discoveries I'm now in love with!!!!

So get ready to be a "butterfly" on the wall with me at IMATS! And to the After Glow party with my new youtube friends, Julieg713, Itsjudytime, enkoremakeup! It was such a fun, fun day!!!! And man, when you have some not fun things in makes you really LOVE the fun days, even more!!!!

So get ready to come with me...see what IMATS was like for me, meet a pirate, and meet my new youtube guru friends!!!!
love and happy, happy days....kandee


Alisa said...

Kandee, so glad you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing! You are adorable! Maybe if you have some time (I'm a busy mom too!) check out my blog
Thanks again!

xoxo Mimi said...

Kandee where do you get so much energy from??OMG girl I got tired just watching you. But you know what think is awesome? That you are REAL. I can clearly see that you are sweet and beautiful in real life and not just for your videos.

I wish I lived by you so we can be friends:) Its so hard to make friends in the Army. Is impossible actually. Maybe Im just not lucky or I cant find girls that are mommies but into makeup and fashion like me.
Thanks for your inspirational videos, really keeps me going... trust me:)
Because sometimes I feel so lonely and I just watch your videos and do my makeup and I feel better:)
Im going to save your videos on my ipad take with me to Afghanistan. Keep me motivated and looking forward to coming back home to do more makeup!! lol

luv ya

ELizabeth Gomez

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you are so freakin' cute!

xoxo Mimi said... I was thinking.... I just dont know if I could ever go to Cali and attend one of your shows. But I thought we (my fashion) group can bring you here to North Carolina. Check out this link....

It is a fashion networking group in all of North Carolina and is expanding all over the US. Im part of it as a model/makeup artist.
What if we sponser you to come down and host one of your glaminars???
WOudl you come if everything was paid for and we hosted you and all??
Check out the post and email me through my blog...

Kate said...

Looks fabulous! You're very pretty :) I can't wait to go to the London IMATS!
Kat x Click&Make-Up

sophiesworld said...

so btf to see that, wish i could have come over to see you,...
but i want to stop my life right now... i know its sth you cannot tell like that,.. but i don't know what to do :(

i feel empty

i think i have no feelings actually

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing! PS-Loooove the shoes you are wearing in that pic!

Sarah Ashley said...


Your energy is so contagious! Oh my gosh! haha the whole time I was watching your video I had a huge smile and didn't even realize it! You are a huge inspiration and I really admire the person you are and the heart you have!

Thanks for being you!

hmm said...

kandee i love reading all of ur posts! u are such a strong person and very dedicated! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Will be there next year in New York. I can't wait!!

Christine said...

please do a IMATS Haul, would love to see what you got :)

Love you <3
xoxo Christine

Christine said...

I absolutely love your personality, you are so sweet Kandee.
Really hope i get to meet you one day, that would be one amazing day <3

Im thankful for your friendship, means alot. i dont have many friends, so this means alot to me <3

Love you
xoxo Christine

Sweetest Things Around said...

Hey Kandee ive been your fan for a long time i watch all of your videos and i read you blog all the time and i follow all your make up tips. you have changed my life i use to be such a negative person but since i watched you videos and read your advice im a much more positive person and everybody around me has seen the change in me i just wanted to thank you for every thing and i hope you keep it up!! but the sad thing is i stopped commentin bc i didnt think you read my comments but i read on your blog somewhere that you do read everybodys comments it made me want to start to right you again. i was jealous that i didnt get to meet you in person. i hope one day i will but i live all the way in Texas thats way far away from you. I have also told my grandparents your advice bc a very dramatic experiance has happen to them and they couldnt understand why it happened to them they could of been killed but God was watching over them and i told them that God knew you could handle it he knows your strength and God makes things happen for a reason and i learned that from you!!! I tell everybody about you i even told my friends to watch your makeup videos haha your awesome kandee johnson. i wish i knew you read this comment. you are more beautiful then you know more talented then you think and more loved then you can imagine!! hehe lots of love back to you

Anonymous said...

i love watching your videos because its so funny. You're hilarious. Love your sense of humor. It really brightens up the videos =)

Anonymous said...

this video was absolutely amazing! thanks so much for taking the time to film all of this, you are so so so sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

one of the videos that makes me wanna live in US...
glad you had a great time! :) and you looked there SO beautiful!

Jesi said...

i was at the makeup show in nyc and i loved it! visit us next year :)

A Southern Pearl said...

Would love to see everything you bought at IMATS!! THANKS for the fabulous videos!

Beata said...

Kandee, GIVE US AN IMATS HAUL, please!


AlainaArtist said...

It looks like so much fun to be there at IMATS!
I would KILL to be there next year.
Not really haha. But honestly, it looks like craaaaazy fun.

IMATS haul please?

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