Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mascara Smackdown: COVERGIRL Bombshell VS Benefit They're Real

I know the new COVERGIRL Bombshell Mascara is the newest mascara to hit the drugstore mascaras and the Benefit They're Real has been my favorite for a while now. So I thought I'd do a review/comparison and you can see what you think...
and you can watch my video below where I do the wear, rub and wash test...

So here's the scoop on the COVERGIRL Bombshell Mascara:
*double ended mascara with 2 different formula's and brushes on each end
*side #1 is for thick voluminous lashes
*COVERGIRL says they have a proprietary micro-thin formula that allows for multiple thick layers without the normal clumping of mascaras with waxes and clays
*side #2 is for adding extra dark coats to seal in the mascara and add deep darkness on top
*the tube is way thicker than normal mascaras but it doesn't change how it goes on and I actually like it because the extra larger size allows extra volume of mascara

*specially designed brush with a spikey-ball tip to get in the corners really well.
*jet-black long wearing formula

Now let's get this showdown on.....

#1. Here's me with my eye make-up on, but NO MASCARA:

#2. I applied 3 coats of the #1, volumizing side:

#3. FINALLY....
on the LEFT SIDE is the BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL (my old favorite) 
with about 5 coats of mascara.
and on the RIGHT SIDE,
with 3 coats of #1 and 
2 coats of

What do you think?
What I think: 
I can't believe how well the Covergirl Bombshell did, since the Benefit They're Real, has been my favorite for months, I was expecting it to take down the Covergirl Bombshell.....but, actually after I did this "EYE by EYE" comparison, the Covergirl actually was way thicker and fuller!
You need to apply the Bombshell pretty much like how I apply it in the video, 3-4 coats of #1, from root to tip, 2-3 coats of #2, or it might not come out as you had hoped! But overall, I was super impressed and I like the bargain price, compared to higher end versions. I noticed that the Benefit Mascara is slightly softer to the touch, but the Bombshell is not stiff or hard like waterproof mascaras, the They're Real is just slightly softer.

Want to see the Covergirl in action, check out my first, First Impression Video I did using the Bombshell Mascara last week:

Huge hugs and happy Christmas Eve day, your virtual bff, Kandee

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