Monday, December 23, 2013

17 of The Most Awesome Paintings on Hands You've Ever Seen

Prepare for you mind to be blown away that all of these creatures are painted on hands! Guido Daniele,  an Italian painter, is the incredible artist who studied fine art, and became a hyper-realistic illustrator in 1992. He began body painting in 2000, and after much researcher on each animal, began his "handimals" collection. His work can be recognized all over the world in different ads (I'll show you some below)...
but just get ready to be totally amazed at what he's done with his painting on hands...

#1. Flamingo

#2. Eagle

Now I'm not a fan of snakes, but this is amazing.... and i like this kind of snake, because it's not real!
#3. Snake

Look at the detail of each scale, just incredible! I can only imagine how much time this must have taken:

#4. Iguana

#5. Zebra

#6. Kitten

#7. Big Cat

#8. Chimpanzee or "chimp-hand-zee" ha ha ha see what I did there? heh heh heh

#9. Rooster

 #10. Fish

#11. Elephant (look at how perfect the wrinkles of the hands help make it look even more realistic like a wrinkled on an elephant)

#12. Horse (this is dedicated to my sister who loved horses)

#13. Lion (King Hand)

#14. Dolphin

#15. Owl

And here' some of Guido's amazing works featured in ads:

#16. I know it's Snake  and again, me no likey the snakey, but this is crazy good, for Toy Watches.

#17.  English Teapot Hands for AT&T

Guido, positioning, German actor, Ralf Moeller's hand into shape for his art exhibit. Not only is he a genius with paiting, but also in "sculpting" hands and arms into shapes and positions to make his artwork really come alive. I guess his the fact that he mastered in Sculpture really helps too!

Huge hugs and hope this inspired and wowed you today, your virtual BFF, Kandee

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