Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Kandee Johnson Bag Goes On Sale!

Back, just for the Holidays or until they are sold out, the bag I designed for Imoshion, is back in limited quantities!
It's all Vegan, made with stronger material, more reinforcement for for use and abuse, and it's in 3 colors:

STARLIGHT (starlight-twinkle-gold)


Giant silver studs, tassels, 6 pockets, zippered pocket pouch inside, a matching make-up bag, a detachable and adjustable -shoulder strap.

Please note: I do not sell this bag, I have nothing to do with orders, shipping, or any questions, hee hee. I just designed it, but for all questions, please go to

Things I do know:
The bags are only in limited quantities.
They're only for sale right now for the Holidays.
I designed this bag because I love it, and I love lots of pockets, big studs and a fun, durable, cleanable bag!

I have a discount code for you guys too: (make sure you type it in ALL caps)
At check out enter: LUVKJ15
To save 15%

I will be announcing the winner of my bag give away in my next "10 things I'm loving video"- if you want to enter click HERE!

Imoshion will be giving a bag away every week too on their instagram, facebook, and pinterest:
FOLLOW @Imoshion on instagram - They will be giving away 1 Kandee Johnson Handbag a week to their followers. 
FOLLOW @Imoshion Handbags on facebook as well for another chance to win a Kandee Johnson handbag.
Follow @ Imoshion on Pinterest for another chance to win a Kandee Johnson Handbag

If you've wanted one of these babies, you might wanna hurry before they sell out in your favorite color!

Huge hugs and I hope you like the bag as much as I do, your friend Kandee

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