Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Things You Need To Know To Make 2014 Awesome

Here it is my very last blog post of 2014, and instead of leaving you with some silly tips on how to look good on NYE, I want to make your heart feel better than any make-up can make you feel anyway! (But below I will post my favorite New Years Make-Up video, to make you smile)

But here's what might help to save these words away in your heart for 2014....

1. Leave the disappointments of your past, where it needs to stay, in the past.
We all make mistakes or have things happen that we wish we could undo, whether it was eating an entire cheesecake of feeling you failed at something. But know that you are free from those things, today, this month, this week, this new year...are all chances to feel like you have a fresh start. Our pasts don't keep us marked as failures, but any moment we can choose success, and all paths to success are filled with the stepping stones of failures!

2. Let your problems be history.
No matter what problems you faced or dealt with last year, let those stay wrapped up in the history of 2013. Just like you can't go back and relive July 2013, don't go back and relive your problems either! We've got new things to concentrate on!

3. This may just be another year on the calendar, but this can be your fresh start to make something new, awesome and incredible happen this year!
2014 is a total blank slate, and empty calendar waiting to be filled with days and moments that you can make amazing. You try to do something awesome or kind to go after your dreams this year and to add some joy to someone's day, every day!

4. Anticipate greatness, the negative people will always have their hands, minds and heart so full of negativity that they make no room for positivity or any positive changes.
Any time you feel negativity creeping up in your thoughts, in words, in a remark you want to make STOP and think: if you are full of negativity, you're leaving no room for positivity to grow or shine. And who wants to be known as a negativity spreader?!? ha ha ha

5. Be the sparkle of 2014. 
Everyone you go, let your smile and the love in your heart leave a trail of people, happier, for having been in your presence.

Let's make this year different, let's make this year,t he year for an awesome change. The year to stand up for your dreams, the year to live bigger, do things that scare you, be the you that wants to shine from your heart, try new things, be bolder, happier and braver...we CAN DO IT!

We can do it together! I love you and I'm sending you all the YOU CAN DO IT-ness and love from my heart, huge hugs bigger than all of 2013 from my heart to yours, your friend Kandee

And just because it's not NEW YEAR'S without a  "YONYO"...please enjoy this "MUST DO" New Years make-up look ha ha ha ha, where I explain why goes DO NOT love glitter:

And if you want a real NEW YEARS MAKEUP LOOK, you can go wrong with this, and you could always add some glitter to it, oh gotta love my old videos:

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