Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Time For A New Hair Color?!?

This is what my hair looks like as I sit here typing this, well actually it's a bit more wet because I just finished bleachin' out my roots. And as I sat with hair bleach sizzling at my roots, I thought....
"hmmmmmm, maybe this will be the last time I do this and shoudl go back to dark ORRRRRRRR
maybe I should do something fun right before I dye it dark again....
like RED!!!!"

So here's the hair color options I have in my house right now....
PINK, RED, SKYBLUE or DARK ASH BROWN (my normal hair color minus the ash part)

Here's a lovely old shot from years and years ago before youtube even existed:

And if anyone has ever wondered if I've had red hair: YES, a few times...I didn't really like this "Cherry Cola Red Color", but I did have a bright cool red, that I had in beauty school, but I can't find a picture of that anywhere, so here's a pic from forever ago, and loook my mom had dark hair too!

"Hey there Rapuntzel".....
And just for funsie, here's a total opposite of what I look like now: LONG and DARK HAIR
Yes, I was in high school and that is my younger sister Tiffany on the left, who borrowed my sweet flannel shirt for our family portraits. Yes, and back then, the shade of jeans we were wearing was really popular, don't laugh. Or yeah, laugh, because I am! ha ha ha 

 So there you got a little throwback thursday on Wednesday for fun! Isn't the week just flying buy now!?

Ok so what do you think, COMMENT BELOW....
#1. Should I do blonde one more round (as in one more 4-6 weeks)
#2. Should I go right back to darksville?
#3. OR Should I go big and go red, just for the holidays, then back to dark?!?
#4. None of the above, and you have a better idea!?!


Huge hugs and may I be the only one with incredibly damaged hair, Kandee

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