Friday, December 13, 2013

A Very Holiday Outfit Of The Day:

It was love at first sight with this Gingerbread house....
I just want this in front of my house, but it was really for the Maker Studios Christmas Party and not my house.
But anyway, back to the outfit business.

What have I got on, well here we go:
(sometimes you just gotta do your outfit of the day picture with a selfie in a dressing room, in Urban Outfitters)
Black Hat: some random hat shop
Turquoise hoop earrings: I got them from the Melrose Trading Post they are  old "vintage" ?!?
Tank: Hanes Men's Tank Top
Leggings: All Saints Raffi Legging
Turquoise Fringe Kimono: WAYF (it's a little not as new)
Boots: they're from John Fluevog

And when you don't have anyone around to take your picture or you are too embarrassed to have your picture taken in public, just snap a quick pic in a dressing room, like I did above.

Me and my BFF, Mr. Snowman......
And my lipstick of the day was:
Currant lipliner from MAC
with the older Riri Collection lipstick in HEAUX (from MAC too) on top.

Huge hugs and happy Friday, your Kandee Kane (that is my Christmas moniker..hee hee hee)

Come be my pal all over the interland:

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