Thursday, December 26, 2013

How To Make A Snowman Tree

This is my sister tree. She is adorably creative and funny, and I busted out laughing when she texted me this picture of her "Christmas tree".

The first thing I asked was:
How did you make that?!?!

She said she bought:
* 1 White Christmas Tree from the Jacqueline Smith Collection at Kmart
(or you can get a good deal on a white one from Treetopia right now)

* Any "ball" shaped Christmas ornaments in large and small size

*Black Krylon Spray Paint

*A black fedora hat (she also got this from the Jacqueline Smith Collection at K-Mart)

*scarf and/or a big red bow

*empty paper towel or toilet paper roll

*orange tissue paper

*branches or decorative winter branches (she also got at Kmart)


First spray paint your ornaments black to look like the charcoal nose, eyes, buttons and mouth.
Then wrap your orange tissue paper around the paper towel/toilet paper roll, and place on a branch on the tree. Then simply hang your eyes, mouth, and buttons when they are dry. Place the hat and scarf/bow on. Place your branches on the sides and prepare to wow and impress all your friends next Christmas with the most creative, awesome and adorable tree ever!

Huge hugs and thank you first, to my amazingly creative sister who made this, Tiffany. You can go HERE to follow her instagram because she posts the funniest things ever.

And huge hugs to all of you reading this. My Christmas was kind of poopy, but hey, there's always next year!

Come watch the video I actually filmed yesterday on Christmas, it's festive, fun and shows some of my holiday favorites and addictions and my favorite Christmas present:

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