Friday, November 29, 2013

A Peek Into Our Thanksgiving 2013

Here's a peek into our Thanksgiving yesterday and a little bit about how it helps me to make it through the holidays after not having someone you love on Earth anymore....

In the morning I cleaned my kitchen, bathroom, and mopped the floor, my grandpa stopped by to drop off some yummy pumpkin-cream cheese muffins, then I raced to 2 grocery stores because I was out of heavy whipping cream and so was the first store I went to.  Oh yay, somewhere in there I took a shower and smeared some make-up on my face. Then I made this whipped cream cheesecake, I am a huge cheesecake fan!!! As in, I could eat this whole thing myself. The was almost to dangeroulsy fast to make, as in, I-could-whip-this-up-in-10-minutes-whenever-I-wanted-dangerous!

With arms loaded with sparkling cider: Apple, Pear, and Pomegranate, Jordan safely carrying our cheesecake, we headed to my cousins....

Blakey playing some basketball- he's in the backwards hat, and I was surprised how many baskets his lil 6 year old self made! We went to my cousins house, which she had 4 big tables to seat everyone!

Here's Ellie in her Thanksgiving outfit of the day (Dress from Baby Gap, Sweater from Old Navy) and the ponytail on top of her head she requested. Jordan said she looked like the girl from Napolean Dynomite. With her name tag and Chocolate Turkey waiting behind her to be eaten.

The arrow is pointing to where your truly gobbled up the this plate below......

My plate full of delicious food that I was thankful for. And I was thankful that I even had a place card with my name on it, made by my precious lil cousin, Mayci.

Ellie happy with her GIANT plate full of food and sparkling cider. I tried to get a picture of Jordan but he said I couldn't instagram it or post it! ha ha ha ha

And I was thankful for precious memories in my heart of my dad....
This was from Thanksgiving a few years ago, my dad and I are both wearing out puff-paint turkey shirts that my sister made us, with the little pilgrim hats she also brought us.

The holidays are very hard on your heart sometimes, when you've lost a loved one. I chose to think about all the awesome memories I have of my dad during all our thanksgivings and Christmases. I am thankful that my heart is full of these memories full of love and happiness to relive in my heart.

I am thankful I will see my dad in heaven again one day. It sometimes hard to even look at this picture and know that my dad isn't on Earth anymore, because I can almost hear him in my mind laughing. I know that he was bigger than life and that now Heaven is big enough for him and he's free from all the awful and difficult things of this world. I think I might try to make a video about what has helped me get through the holidays after my dad died.

I'm thankful for every precious person I love that's still alive and I'm thankful that I have precious loved ones, waiting in heaven...My dad's memories are alive in my heart.

Huge hugs to you all, and to EVERYONE who's lost a loved one years ago and recently, my heart is with you. The pain never goes away, I will never stop missing my dad, you will never fully heal....losing someone is not like an injury, that heals back up. It is something you learn to live with, I live with missing my dad everyday, but choosing to live life bigger and full of joy in his honor- because that's what he'd want! I pray God wraps his heavenly love and comfort around your heart and fills you with the hope of Heaven....I love you guys! Love your friend, Kandee

And some of you may have seen this, but this video is very precious to me, it was Thanksgiving and I was making a pumpkin pie cheesecake and my dad was in this video, if you've never seen it, enjoy getting to see me and my dad, I'm thankful for this video:

And if you need something to made you laugh after that....
my dad would've loved this video, because he was the one that I first started buying funny gifts for...and I'm glad I did, my dad would love all this stuff:

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