Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Beauty: Look How MAC is celebrating Black Friday:

Oh Snap! Look what MAC is selling for one day only....
HAUTECORE, a matte black lipstick in honor of Black Friday.
That's how it looks swiped on my arm. See how skinny it makes my arm look! Totally kidding right there.

This bad boy, will only be for sale today, Black Friday on their website:
Price $15
Who knows how many they have in stock, so if you are hankering for some "back in black" lipstick, you better go buy it before it's Saturday!

Maybe black is the new red, or not. Would you dare to wear this?!? Si or no?

I'm keepin' this post short because I'm sure no one has time to read, unless they are in a 3 hour line waiting to buy stuff at one of the crazy sales today!

Oh yeah, here's the last 2 winner of my Shoe Giveaway, and a total recap - will all winners comment below with your email, which I will delete as soon as I read- me messaging you guys doesn't seem to be working! ha ha

WINNER #1. Jo Clawson (Jo, please comment me your email below, I'll delete it right after, my facebook messgage attempts have failed! ha ha) Huge hugs Jo!!!

WINNER #2. Tabitha Moore - I hope these add some fun to your closet! Huge hugs!!!!

WINNER #3. Jessica Checchia  - I hope these add a little dazzle to your holidays and with every step you take, know I love you and you're not alone! Huge hugs!

And if you want to give the most awesome guys gifts, watch this video where I show you the coolest gifts I scoured the internet for:

Huge Happy Black Friday Hugs...your virtual bestie that is not wearing black lipstick in honor of black friday today, Kandee

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