Saturday, November 9, 2013

Youtube One Million Subscribers Award and Lots Of Crying:

PLEASE BE WARNED: The video BELOW, is filled with more crying than I've ever done in a video. I don't think I've ever cried in a video actually, well until now!

So I came home from a particularly difficult day, and God had a little blessing waiting for me on my porch, or a BIG GIANT, HEAVY BOX, filled with a blessing...

It was the GOLD PLAY BUTTON award (if I was a singer, I imagine, that's what a platinum record would be like!) from Youtube that read:
Congratulations for surpassing One Million Subscribers: Kandee Johnson

It feels like it weighs as much as me...but my heart was and is still so amazed, so many tears fell yesterday. I tried to film a video about it about 8 or 9 times, but I would start crying so much you couldn't understand me! ha ha ha

I just want each and every one of you to know:
If you never felt popular, have felt alone, have had people tell you that your dreams are silly or ridiculous...know that this is why this means so much to me!

Each one of you that are those precious hearts, that make up that million number, that my brain can't even imagine, I  just want to thank you for being a blessing in my heart.
THANK YOU, for pouring out love onto me, in your comments, and when I get to hug you and squeeze you in person! 

I started Youtube for you guys, I wanted to teach my make-up tip and help anyone watching to learn something and to FEEL beautiful. I hope my youtube is less about me, and more about the LOVE and inspiration I can add to your hearts!

I thank you guys so much for being in my "Kandee Family" and ANYTIME you see me anywhere, please, please, please come up and let me hug you!

I don't think I've ever gotten a trophy or plaque-like award, so this is just the most amazing thing to me! And it's like each one of you are the sparkling amazement in this award, because you are those precious blessings of love that make up this ONE MILLION numbers.....

That is why I'm crying so much in the video, my heart is just in awe and amazed by all your love...
and then I woke up and saw YOUTUBE tweeted me this:

I'm about to cry again...oh golly.

Well, just know you guys are my motivation, your stories and comments filled with love and encouragement are truly the inspiration to keep doing Youtube. I started Youtube to give away my tips, inspiration and love, and you all have truly become my friends, but more like family, that I just can't reach out and touch. Thank you for letting me into your hearts...
and please enjoy all the tears in this video (hee hee hee)

From the girl that was picked on and no one to eat lunch with her.....I'm just amazed because I know that one of you would eat lunch with me now...

I love you guys so much, I hope you feel all the love I'm sending from my heart, for making me feel loved too, Your Friend, Always, Kandee

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