Monday, November 11, 2013

You Won't Believe Your Eyes: THESE ARE NOT PHOTOS

This is NOT A PHOTO. This is a drawing, that my friend, and incredible artist, Ashish Patel (AKA Hash Patel and @ilovehash on instagram) He drew this picture of me in honor of me getting my 1 Million Subcribers Award rom Youtube, and this is the most awesome present! He said he's not even finished with it yet!

You just want to stare at each drawing because your mind just can't believe how incredibly, realistic his artwork is.
Look at his charcoal drawing of Adele:
*notice even the texture and highlight in the liquid eyeliner! Amazing!

And AUDREY HEPBURN: this is gold and black ink on wood


Kat Von D and all her tattoos:


Look at the beauty he captured with his Lady Gaga drawing:

Megan Fox in charcoal:
*the highlight in her hair and eyes, is just incredible.

 Marilyn Monroe on a dollar bill:

Could you imagine being handed this dollar bill, back with your change? I'd just frame it!

And I have to say, I'm in LOVE, with this I LOVE LUCY drawing. Lucille Ball and her hubby on tv and in real life, Desi Arnaz.
I hope he sells a print of this, because I love it!

I love art of all kinds and styles. And Ashish Patel's is amazing! Thank you so much my friend for taking the time to draw lil' ol me! I'm so honored! When day, when you're huge and famous, I'll say "Once upon a time, he drew Me!"

I know, I posted about this the other day, but I'm so excited and honored that I received my 1 Million Golden Play Button Award from Youtube, I'm telling you, if it was not so heavy, I'd wear it around my neck...I feel like I have all One Million of You with me...
if you missed it, here I am again, after I filmed this about 6 or more times, because I kept crying to much, you couldn't even understand me, my make-up kept coming off...hee hee

Huge hugs bigger than you can imagine, from your, honored to be your friend, friend, Kandee

PS. If you want to know if Ashish sells any prints, you can find his contact info on his instagram: @ilovehash

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